opposition leader Gantz is elected president of the Israel parliament and opens up the way for a unity government.

Israel’s opposition leader, Benny Gantz, is Thursday surprisingly been elected as the chairman of the israeli parliament, the Knesset.

It can pave the way for a unity government with a kind of rotation system, where Gantz and the long-standing prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu turns to sit on the premierministerposten.

– It is an unusual time, and it calls at unusual decisions, says Gantz, in a speech in the Knesset, after he had been elected as president.

– Therefore, I intend to explore the possibility of forming a crisis-unity government, he says, according to AFP news agency.

Gantz was elected president with strong support from the Netanyahus party, the Likud, but only with partial backing from his own party, Blue-and-White.

Here is the not all agree, that one must enter into agreements with a prime minister, who is accused of corruption and fraud – charges which he denies.

Israel has less than a year kept three options, which all have ended up with a muddy result, so far it has not been possible to form a government.

because of the outbreak of the coronavirus has Netanyahu then proposed to form a national “emergency government” together with Gantz.

the leader of the opposition, who on Thursday took the presidency of the parliament, says, that he is also striving to form a unity government because of the crisis, which is triggered by coronaudbruddet.

– Israel is facing an increasing number of smittetilfælde (with coronaviruses, ed.), and the number of victims is rising daily, ” says Gantz.

Israel’s president, Reuven Rivlin, has pushed for the two political rivals would go into government together.

Originally, Gantz excluded that should govern the country together with Netanyahu.

A single member of Netanyahus højrefløjskoalition, defence minister Naftali Bennett, has on Thursday publicly congratulated both Netanyahu and Gantz to be agreed on a unity government.

But there is no official announcement yet that a deal is concluded.