Humorist Maxim Galkin, despite the fact that he has repeatedly scandalized his speeches against the Russian government and the special military operation in Ukraine, remains out of favor with Ukrainians. Recently, he had to explain why he is still subscribed to the “enemies” of Ukraine in social networks.

Ukrainian users of social networks have made a claim to Maxim Galkin, why he remains subscribed to Nikolai Baskov, Oleg Gazmanov, Larisa Dolina and other Russian artists who support his. According to the comedian, subscription does not mean consent or support, and now he just does not want to be petty. It is noteworthy that Galkin published his justification on the pure Ukrainian “mov”.

There were also Russian users in the comments who noted that Galkin does not unsubscribe from his former colleagues in order to leave at least some chances to return to Russian show business.

✱ – a natural person or organization recognized in the Russian Federation as foreign agents