As part of the “Galaxy Unpacked 2023” event, Samsung today presented, among other things, the new flagship models of the Galaxy S23 series. We summarize the most important information about the event in the live ticker.

8 p.m.: Samsung presented the new Glaaxy S23 series today. The main focus was on the new camera of the Ultra model. There are also new Galaxy Book3 models. The eagerly awaited devices are already listed at some major dealers and online shops.

7:59 p.m .: And that’s it! TM Roh ends the event with final words.

7:55 p.m .: Qualcomm CEO Christiano Amon is on stage. The new components should ensure maximum performance.

7.50 p.m .: Samsung explains how they want to be more sustainable in production and in the future.

7.49 p.m .: The data for the Galaxy Book3 Ultra are also mentioned:

7.47 p.m .: The S23 series can now be pre-ordered. The devices will be released on February 17th.

7.40 p.m .: Customization options for the smartphones are now explained. Among other things, you will be able to select up to 15 pictures for the home screen.

7:37 p.m .: Small dig at Apple: You won’t need an extra hub because the laptops have a number of inputs.

7.35 p.m .: Here, too, productivity is the focus at the beginning. But gaming should also be possible.

7:33 p.m .: Now it’s about the Galaxy Book3 Ultra and Galaxy Book3 Pro.

7:31 p.m .: Ray tracing will also be on board.

7:29 p.m .: The new Snapdragon processor should deliver a significant performance boost compared to the previous series. The GPU is also said to be 41 percent faster.

7:25 p.m .: The software should recognize individual objects in photos and make photos prettier.

7:22 p.m .: The camera of the S23 Ultra should provide impressive results, especially in poor light.

7:18 p.m .: Na Hong-jin also produced a film with the smartphone. The people in charge are enthusiastic.

7:16 p.m .: The camera will offer extensive setting options. In general, Samsung is also aimed at professional users (“Pro-grade camera”).

7:13 p.m .: Samsung explains the details of the camera. Among other things, video recordings in 8K with 30 FPS should now be possible.

7:09 p.m .: Together with director Ridley Scott, a film was recorded entirely with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Samsung shows scenes from the set. The full film is set to be released soon.

7:05 p.m .: And there is the new Galaxy S23 Ultra.

7:04 p.m .: The Galaxy S23 and a new Galaxy Book will be presented today. The scenes shown were all recorded with a Galaxy S23 Ultra.

7:03 p.m .: The Galaxy S23 is immediately the topic. It is said to have the best camera to date.

7:01 p.m .: Samsung boss TM Roh gives the opening speech.

7:00 p.m.: Here we go! Samsung launches the event.

6:41 p.m .: The stream is already running. In 20 minutes it really starts.

11.30 a.m .: The next Galaxy Unpacked event will take place on February 1, 2023 at 7 p.m. The main focus will be on the new Galaxy S23 series. Samsung is also expected to unveil a new Galaxy Book. In the run-up to the expected devices, there were already numerous leaks and speculations.

In addition, the show should have a few more surprises in store. There is a live stream of the event on YouTube and the Samsung website, among others. FOCUS Online will accompany the presentation here for you in the live ticker.