G7 leaders have called on the who

The leaders of the member countries of the group of seven called for reform of the world health organization (who). This statement is contained in a statement issued on the outcome of Thursday’s talks between the leaders of the "big seven" in a video conference, the press service of the White house.

"the Leaders said that the member countries of the group of seven on an annual basis contribute [to the budget] the world health organization over a billion dollars. A significant part of the discussion was around [the topic of] the lack of transparency and chronic invalid who activities in connection with the [current] pandemic. The leaders spoke in favor of a rigorous review process [the practice of the who] and reform [of the organization]", – said in a statement.

The US President Donald trump was subjected to in the last few days who criticized, expressing the opinion that acts in the interests of China. Then he announced that Washington was suspending contributions to the who budget. This decision was negatively perceived by the part of the world community.