Your application should be a sign of your love and a special time of your life together usher in. Instead, it now looks as if I started all the misfortune. Going through, it hurts. Even more hurt, but probably that you have the feeling that the Situation was hopeless.

You have decided for you, the apparently unconditional no to encounter your partner that you have Sex with other women. This may seem to many people as an unforgivable betrayal. But who is to determine which measure, in a relationship, who is entitled to or not?

The sticking point is not that you are with the overall situation happy. Because it is obviously not so, that you take away the Sex, and it’s true. Do you want a common solution and a common living sexuality. This doesn’t have to be wild and boundless, but at least it is intact.

It now needs the two of you again a conscious decision that you designed this relationship to hide, instead of you individually in the demarcated decisions. Or are your lives so that there is one area of your life, you can be in a shared disagreement be as it is.

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