As the British “Telegraph” reports, a secret unit of the Russian military wants to test futuristic exoskeletons for the Ukraine war later this year. These robotic suits are designed to provide troops in Ukraine with increased endurance and strength, and the ability to carry additional weight or armor protection.

“Artillerymen are interested in exoskeletons to reduce the weight of shells when loading,” CEO of manufacturer Ekzo Solutions Maxim Skokov told the newspaper. He was approached by “special agencies”, Skokov told the Russian news agency Ria, which wants to test these exoskeletons and possibly also use them in Ukraine. The Telegraph suspects that the “special agencies” are military intelligence services or private military groups.

“We will conduct tests at a military training area in November or December, where a potential customer will test the effectiveness of our equipment in practice,” Sokov is quoted as saying by “Ria”.

As the “Telegraph” continues to write, Ekzo Solutions is part of the Russian state-owned company Rostec, which was founded by Russian President Vladimir Putin. In 2018, Rostec presented the first combat suit produced in Russia, which is said to have been tested in Syria.

Rostec claims to have delivered a total of around 300,000 exoskeletons to the Russian military in recent years. However, no such suits have yet been seen during the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, the newspaper continues.