FSIN regained control of the situation in the colony in Angarsk

Photos: youtube.com/СК Russia

the Situation in the correctional colony in the town of Angarsk, where prisoners staged riots and arson, is under control. As reported TASS FSIN across the Irkutsk region, on the territory of the colony employees of the Prosecutor’s office and the investigative Committee (IC).

According to the FSIN, “negatively characterized convicted persons attempted to destabilize the work of the institution”. It is noted that they are “committed arson several objects in the industrial zone of the colony”. Assessment of damage. Criminal case is brought.

fire Area was about 30 thousand square meters. Burned three workshops of woodworking. Because of the rebellion blocked the old road from Angarsk to Irkutsk. It was reported that in the colony clashed with the special forces prisoners. Was also set on fire the car of the fire service.

the Riot began on Thursday, April 9, and continued on Friday. According to official data, it was preceded by the conflict between prisoners and staff. The man refused to undergo a personal search and encouraged other prisoners to disobedience.

Simultaneously located in an adjacent premises of a penal cell prisoners broke the glass of the cameras and have caused injury to themselves. Human rights activist Pavel Glushchenko said that the part of the prisoners after the rebellion was taken to hospital, located in IR-6 region.

the Commissioner for human rights in the Irkutsk region Victor Ignatenko has informed that the colony had received complaints about medical care. IR-15 was created in 1952. The convicts are engaged in the production of buildings of modular type, as well as furniture and household equipment.

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