the American company Orbital analytical Insights revealed their true purpose and anti-Russian orientation. American analysts, it turns out that during the epidemic of the coronavirus do not lose time in vain, but follow the Russian defense enterprises. While in the intelligence to use the telecommunications activity of the enterprise. The publication Defense One has published the results of this study.

According to Orbital Insights, some Russian enterprises have reduced production. For example, the Moscow Scientific-production center “Salut”, which produces aircraft engines for fighters, Nizhny Tagil “Uralvagonzavod” Corporation, which produces tanks “Armata” and the Nizhniy Novgorod company “GidroMash” – a monopolist in the production chassis for all Russian aircraft.

among those companies where the reduction activity is not seen – the Kazan aviation plant named after Gorbunov, where did all the Russian strategic bombers Tu-160. There is in full swing development of production of modernized Tu-160M2.

according to the newspaper, the reason was the open data activity, and geolocation of mobile phones employees of defense enterprises. Mobile communications provide operators of cellular communication.

“MK” asked the member of the Supreme Council of the Nationwide movement of “Strong Russia,” the FSB General Alexander Mikhailov, how effective such methods of intelligence.

-getting the right information should be comprehensive in nature, – said Alexander Mikhailov. – By itself, the intensity of mobile phone calls has little to give, by and large.

We now all sit in isolation, and the intensity of communication has increased in the whole country. Traffic volume overall has increased. Because people communicate with each other mainly remotely, with the help of gadgets.

To get some objective picture, in addition to the traffic, it is necessary to have and any other sources that confirm or not confirm the information.

as for our defense, no one did not hide the fact that in recent years, she worked intensively, because before it has set very serious tasks for rearmament and the development of new technologies.

In the context of a pandemic, the government unveiled a list of strategic enterprises that are allowed to resume work on the implementation of the state defense order. Naturally, compliance with all antivirus events and given the epidemiological situation in a particular region.

Americans do not deny that the intelligence used for the control of modern telecommunications. This is a serious security threat for us?

-Any questions can be tracked, some don’t. I think the main control�� traffic, and not quantitative, and meaningful is by their network. That’s exactly right.

for Example, through the processing of information flows in WhatsAap. He became a very popular tool of communication. According to him, they can judge certain things.

Foreign intelligence services, of course, do not use data from our towers-repeaters used to direct telephone conversations within the networks of our operators. But the exchange of information on their networks they can control.

We can’t be sure that they are not desifrovat messages, messengers, talk. Though they are protected by double-encryption, but it is from time to time.

If they have such a need arise, they would do it. We already know from the story of WikiLeaks and Snowden, that the NSA is actively using the information available in the networks. Listening is not only ordinary citizens, but even politicians of friendly countries.

what to do?

I always remember a poster 30 years – “the Talker – a find for the spy”. After all, the question, again, is not in the traffic – what’s the volume of information. But the contents of that traffic. I don’t think we have serious scientists or experts discuss important issues in social networks.

In many enterprises, employees leave their cell phones outside the entrance. And not only companies. All government agencies prohibit the use of mobile telephony, which aired in the premises. It’s the right decision.

Come to the presidential administration – rent a mobile phone at the entrance to the commandant’s office. This is one of the forms of protection and information security. The communication can be intercepted.

chatterbox yet not every intelligence you can find, and then, please – free. With the technical capacity can be obtained.