“Kommersant Style” offers to ourselves to have a vacation and in General to improve the mood by choosing the right perfume. What those issues were and why in our review.In the new reality fragrances are not just the favorite means to unwind and switch, but go to the category of antidepressants. Moderators of mood will help to go to the sea, and to imagine that your vacation in the mountains. Ilya Volkov, Director of project development of the Molecule, believes that the perfume has the ability to affect our feelings. “If you feel sad, come to the aid of fragrances, antidepressants, he says. Antidepressants in perfumes are considered to be components of citrus, juicy fruits, aromatic nuances, chords of sea breeze, as well as some gourmet tones, e.g. chords of fresh pastries, sweet desserts”. It remains only to choose a mood to taste, and most importantly — to have plenty to choose from.The portal wwd reported that many manufacturers of luxury perfumes for the demand, which can change after quarantine. And the main question is when this is very dependent on retail demand may recover. But the prognosis sounds very positive: quarantine is considered by many as a kind of consumer self-denial as in time travel, and shopping. And now appeared a new concept of “revenge shopping” — the uncontrolled procurement of all stimulated after a period of shopping abstinence. Ilya Volkov believes that perfume collection after the quarantine is not only not diminish but, on the contrary, becomes wider and more varied. Because after a long isolation many people will want to expand and update your perfume wardrobe, get acquainted with novelties of perfumery, to give yourself new positive emotions. In a sense, we want to shake off a negative “prison” and to go to a new olfactory journey. Do not limit yourself.Toilet water Granada Salvia Aqua Allegoria, GuerlainНоты: pomegranate, sage, white musk.Toilet water Lipstick Fever, Juliette Has a GunНоты: iris, violet, vanilla, raspberry.Men’s fragrance Fusion d’issey, Issey Makenote: coconut water, of half, rosemary, geranium, cardamom.Toilet water Ocean Di Gioia, Giorgio Ahmeti: pear, citrus, Jasmine, Lily of the valley, musk.Toilet water La Nuit Trsor Nude, LancomeНоты: rose, bergamot, ambergris, coconut, vanilla.Toilet water for men Eau Frache Y, YSLПарный flavor.Notes: lemon, ginger, pepper, geranium, juniper, frankincense, cedar.A pair fragrance.Eau de toilette for men L. 12.12 PURE x JEREMYVILLE, LacosteНоты: lemon, ginger, rosemary, musk, cedar. Eau de toilette for women L. 12.SPARKLING 12 x JEREMYVILLE, LacosteНоты: patchouli, Mandarin, red grapes, peony, Jasmine Sambac.Perfume Irresistible Givenchy, GivenchyНоты: rose, pear, iris, Ambrette.Toilet water Molecule Escentric 05Ноты: bergamot, rosemary, juniper, cypress, figs.Eau de Parfum Her London Dream, BurberryНоты: lemon, ginger, rose, peony, musk.Irina Kirienko