From Turkey expelled the leader of the Swedish nationalists

Jimmi devil Jimmi the devil
Sverigedemokraterna / Mynewsdesk

Turkish Police have detained and have sent to the Chairman of the party “Swedish Democrats” Jimmi the Devil, who arrived on the Greek-Turkish border in order to persuade illegal immigrants to seek asylum in Sweden, reports “Interfax” with reference to Swedish radio.

the devil was handing out leaflets with appropriate content, however, permit such activities he was not. As a result, police detained the policy and transmitted it to the airport, told the radio station.

In the party “Swedish Democrats” have confirmed the incident and called Turkey a “lawless state”, which should not have any impact on the European migration policy.

Previously, Jimmi the devil had already visited the district of the Greek-Turkish border, where he taught campaign among potential migrants. At home, a number of politicians criticized his actions.

Turkey last week announced the opening of the border with the EU for refugees, after which thousands of illegal immigrants rushed the border with Greece.