His application for membership splits even the AfD. Robert Nagels, a doctor in Oberhausen, was looking for a political home with the AfD in North Rhine-Westphalia. But Nagels’ application causes unrest in the controversial party. The uproar was so great that Nagels withdrew his membership application, reports the news portal “t-online”. But Robert Nagels is not just a harmless doctor in Oberhausen.

Robert Nagel’s past is ominous. He is said to have had connections to the right-wing rock scene, was a functionary in the “democratic right-wing” party “the Republicans” and was noticed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution with his hostility to the constitution. His person is so controversial that even members of the AfD are divided as to whether he would be a suitable party candidate. Nagels actually wanted to become part of the AfD in order to “find fellow campaigners” who are aware of the “catastrophic situation” in which Germany is, says Nagels “t-online”.

He therefore submitted his application to the district association in Duisburg. This was then taken over by the AfD state manager Andreas Keith in order to check his application in the admissions process. The right-wing extremist attitude of the candidates should also be checked.

The candidates are divided into “green” if they are unproblematic. “Yellow” if they are questionable and should be discussed in the state board. And “red” if there are highly problematic cases that should not be included under any circumstances.

Why Nagel was classified as “yellow” is questionable. Because his political past is far more questionable, as “t-online” reports, among other things:

The Nagels have a number of indications of connections to the right-wing scene. Despite this, his membership application was classified as “yellow” and not “red”. But that caused unrest in the party: After the board of the AfD in North Rhine-Westphalia initially spoke out in favor of Nagels, some members of the state association reacted with concern. For some, Nagels is too radical and too biased. Others are critical of Nagel’s alleged service for the protection of the constitution.

The doctor with a controversial past was informed that his application to the AfD was being heavily debated, according to information from “t-online”. So he withdrew his membership application. “I had to withdraw because I didn’t get the opportunity to present my position personally. It should be decided cowardly in the back room,” Nagels said indignantly.

The AfD does not want to comment on the cause of Nagel. Only the NRW state chairman Martin Vincentz said to the news portal: “However, I can tell you that we do not have Robert Nagels as a member and have not done so either.”