I don’t have a better opinion of many of our officials, but journalistic work is not just being driven by those who faithfully serve the people in office. “Let’s debate,, – suggested – call the name of the person who is not one year in power, and you are looking for Hulu on it in social networks. Find me the champagne – I ice cream box”.

All agreed with pleasure. Call: “Viktor Filonov, a former school teacher of mathematics, editor of the regional newspaper of the Kuban province, the head of the rural municipality, the head of Lazarevsky district of Sochi, the first Deputy head of the resort. And now – the Chairman of Sochi City Council, that is, the speaker of the main resort of the country.” Waiting for a fortnight. And finally – finish my ice cream… the Search returned no results.

…Last time she drove with Viktor at the end of June. Go with him to the waterfront. Sochi has already started to come to life after quarantine. Pulled campers. The city began to take the familiar features of the resort. Welcoming and friendly person. Remembering the March the indignation of the residents, asking: “You forgave the call to refrain from trips to the Spa?”

– Yes, it was a serious blow to the image of the resort, we took a lot of risks, he explains. – After all, Sochi is a one-industry town whose economy rests solely on the Spa industry. But other exit was not. This decision helped the city to tame the coronavirus, the epidemiological situation was and remains at manageable levels. Now once again we meet tourists as the most important guests.

At the airport of Sochi on 7 July welcomed the 100-strong tourist. According to forecasts of experts, in July will be 90% of hotels and resorts. In August it will be 100.

– as far As we know, the city budget because of the pandemic was short of two billion rubles. Now cut the expenditure budget?

Not without it, – he says. – Implementation of some important projects, unfortunately, had to push. However, the social program, try not to touch. Everything that was promised to people, I hope, will be performed.

At the time we met with Viktor Petrovich in the scherbinovsky district. This is the North region, bordering with the Rostov region. He arrived there after finishing mathematical faculty of the Kuban University and worked there for 27 years. Was a teacher at the school, and in 1990 became editor of the local newspaper. But they stayed long. Voluntarily left the post. His decision, he then, I remember, explained:

– We tried to do a newspaper for people who wrote about what they cared about. But this is not all district chiefs like. And I was given a choice: start doing newspaper to please them or write the editorial office. I chose the second option, and in 1992 went back to school again to teach the children physics and mathematics. And for them��I until 1997. When the district was replaced by the head, called to work in administration. Thought and decided to agree.

– are You ambitious soul, or delights of official life beckoned – I am interested in. And in response to unexpectedly heard the story about the fish.

– you probably know and have repeatedly written and said that the fish looks for where is deeper, and the people better. So? I once read that this proverb has another ending: that man seeks to serve the Motherland, to better everyone was. So normal people are in power not for their own benefit, and to help society to solve social problems. And many of those with whom I had to work, pursue exactly this goal.

– A teacher, editor and official as compatible?

– there is No contradiction. Editorial work taught to analyze, compare facts and opinions. As a teacher – to work with people, to be able to listen and hear them. And all bureaucratic posts, which I passed thanks to this teacher’s hardening was able to solve quite complex tasks. The main thing to be not only in the office and to communicate with people, not to be indifferent to their problems. This is like school: you have to give homework, and then to check, I went there a lesson for the future. Well, himself, of course, must be constantly learning. When the administration moved on, he entered the correspondence Department of the Kuban agrarian University. In a rural area without the knowledge of the rural economy have nothing to do…

at First Viktor Filonov was the first Deputy of the head of scherbinovskiy district, then was elected to be President. 17 Dec 2007 a call came from the administration of the province: “please come immediately”. On arrival he was put before the fact: “the decision to delegate you in the Lazarevsky district of Sochi. There’s a complicated situation…”

it is necessary to explain that the length of the Big Sochi along the shores of the sea 145 kilometers, 105 of which – Lazarevskoe district. In addition to the coastal towns it is composed of the villages, which are densely populated by Circassians-Shapsugs. For a short time then was replaced three heads. But was again saved by the indifferent attitude towards people and justice in solving their problems.

– brought leaders of national diasporas, together went to the villages, the villages, listened to problems of residents and connected to their solution, he recalls.

Then in Lazarevskiy district was born and the festival of documentary films and author’s programs Kunaki. This, if I may say so, our joint project: the district administration became the founder of the festival, and “RG” – the information a sponsor.

representatives of all the regions of the Caucasus were brought to his films about the lives of the peoples of different nationalities. After their hits began the discussion about what people saw on the screen and what is happening in their lives.

at the same time I have noted one peculiarity of Victor Petrovicha. It is the pain of others does not take away from himself, does not remain indifferent to it, as it infected her, empathizes. I remember after my publication of a large family (see “RG”, “Thirteen Kuzmin” from 13.01.2010), who lived in tiny rooms in the basement of an unfinished house, Victor Filonov took in her life a very active part. He helped to bring to the building the gas and connect it to the sewer networks. And saw then he rejoiced, seeing the spacious and cozy their house: “it’s Good to help those who are struggling”. After all, the entire interior, like the furniture, the head of a large family made.

In 2011, Sochi is preparing to become the capital of winter Olympic games of 2014. Victor Filonov became the first Deputy head of administration, in charge of the urban economy and domestic policy. Ask how these areas relate to each other? He laughs: “a Single chain. If the person is dissatisfied with something, something prevents him to live comfortably as he does? Right, the power of curses. His confidence can only be achieved through concrete deeds, not promises”.

the City turned into a huge construction site. Residents often sat without water, without light. One blogger once gathered, even a rally. People are few, but determined. Victor Filonov to sit in the office did not. Went out to them. Listened to the stream of insults. And then an active “fighter” offered to sit in the car and drive him around the city.

– a Few hours we rode together – from the construction of heating mains to sewers, – said Viktor. – At the end, he was amazed: “you do all this?” Now he is my friend, sometimes calling, talks about the outrages, have been witnessed. I check, and if the information is confirmed, take action.

his cell phone was free, it took sometimes up to 500 calls daily.

– This phone, by the way, I kept at it and now sometimes call, smiling, says Filonov. – Recently one man complains of a power outage. Decided to be curious: “And who are you calling?” “Victor Petrovich, – he replied – I have so written.” “Who is this?” – interested in. “I think the electrician…” – I hear in response. Then he called back and thanked for the help.

And as Chairman of the City Assembly of Sochi Viktor Filonov considers that his main work, as before, connected with people and resolving their problems. Changed the style of work of deputies. Were more likely to pass the techniques on to the community, and they invite representatives of the Utility, kvartirno-legal service and other utilities.

For some leaders it is sometimes easier to solve the issue with the laying of three miles of road than to build a three-meter walkway to the garbage cans – outraged ��ilonov. – I say to them: you can’t win, let the people in front of me asked, why not solve the problem. And I warn you, to continue not fobbed replies. When I read some of them, such a feeling arises as if they wrote not a man but a machine…

In total, the number of complaints has decreased, and gratitude, on the contrary, increased. He knows the names of all heads of settlements, quarterly, the heads Toss. Keeps in touch with them. “Without them it is impossible to solve any of the tasks. We are a team that is working on the implementation of orders of voters”.

And I am very pleased that Viktor Filonov longtime and loyal friend of the “Russian newspaper”. Almost from the first release. Every day he starts with a reading of the latest issue of the newspaper: “it is Useful. And know that people care, and from the sea of information will come up. All the advice”.