This week chairing the EU for six months becomes Germany. On Thursday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel took part in a joint press conference with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who previously headed its government, the Ministry of defence. The two Germans assured that it was their European aspirations.On 1 July Germany for six months was the country—Chairman of EU. This most honorable duty, than the expansion of real power: “headman” of the European Union becomes all countries. However, the status of the Chairman becomes an occasion to assert their priorities in the framework of the EU, and in relations with neighbouring countries. And in terms of recovery after the pandemic, many lay on the German presidency hopes. Speaking on Thursday evening, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her former Minister and now European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. They both stressed the importance of not just to overcome the consequences of the crisis, but also to look forward to in ten or twenty years the European Union has been at the forefront of progress.”There are a lot of cases,” as the landlord said the Chancellor. “The virus is still not disappeared and will not disappear until we have a vaccine”— she reasoned, explaining that the priority is to deal with the budget. We will remind, now in the EU is discussed, first, the new multi-annual financial programme of the EU 2021-2027 years, and secondly, the establishment of the Foundation of economic recovery in the amount of €750 billion, However, about the nuances of the EU as yet failed to reach an agreement. Now hope for the talks in Brussels on 17-18 July, when EU leaders must for the first time this spring to meet each other at the meeting. “One of my first tasks is to we 1 Jan was not with nothing. On July 17-18 we need to find a solution,” decided Angela Merkel.Yet recent summits, and a joint press conference, the Chancellor conducted in absentia. Online MS von der Leyen, which a few years ago and was intended for Chancellor of Germany, they talked, and this time: two women simultaneously reached into the stands — one in Brussels and another in Berlin — and looked at them side by side LCD screens.”Coincidentally, the negotiations (with the approval of the budget of the assistance programme and the EU budget in the coming years.— “B”) will conduct two German women. The remaining 26 States do not fear that it will be too German?” — said one of the journalists. A little awkwardly, Angela Merkel retorted: “what is important is that these are two convinced Europeans”. “And what is two women, it very much pleases me,— she added.— In Germany, until I had a woman as Chancellor, and the EU — presidency of the European Commission. Before these negotiations led to the two men, now d��e women, the better.” “We have very different biographies,” said her companion. Indeed, Angela Merkel, the pastor’s daughter from East Germany, a physicist by training, and she is a native of Brussels, daughter of the former Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, the mother of seven children and the gynecologist. However, as noted by many in the government they work well. “We both deeply believe in Europe,’ said Mrs. von der Leyen.— And when it know each other, can lead a candid and effective negotiations.””Your expertise and experience your team is very important for Europe, she said, addressing the Chancellor.— But we want not just to cope with the crisis. We want to go further. And the challenges facing the EU remain the same as before. Is the climate. Digitalization. The definition of Europe’s place in the world.” And priorities of Germany and the EU in this respect are the same, she assured.In addition to budget issues, the fight against climate change is one of the main directions of work of the European Commission, which Berlin intends to focus. In particular, by investing in modern and environmentally friendly technologies. As expected, during these six months can be adopted and the first European law on climate, which will strengthen the EU by 2050 to become a “climate neutral” (that is, fully offset carbon emissions with the help of modern technologies).Although the latter formally withdrew from the EU, while, from the point of view of most parts of existing laws and agreements remains in the European jurisdiction. It was during the German presidency negotiations on the terms of withdrawal of Britain from the European Union may fail or completely break: as every Thursday, the first after the quarantine face-to-face round of negotiations between representatives of the UK and the EU ended prematurely on the initiative of the British side, dissatisfied with the course of the meeting. As admitted on a press-conferences Angela Merkel, the EU will seek agreement with London, but should prepare for a different scenario.Galina Dudina