Anyone who has an older fixed network connection from Telekom will have to dig deeper into their pockets due to a price adjustment from October 1, 2022. Affected are customers with older analogue landline connections. FOCUS online says how you can cut costs now.

So far, fixed network and mobile phone users have been spared price increases. That will change from October 1st.

For example, Telekom is increasing the basic fee for analogue telephone connections in the fixed network. The “Call Smart” and “Call Standard (4) tariffs are affected. From October 1, the basic fee will increase by two euros each. “Call Smart” will then cost 23.95 euros, “Call Standard (4) again 20.95 euros . These rates are always expensive.

FOCUS online advises: Check carefully whether one of these tariffs is worthwhile for you. Background? Only the connection is included in the price. Affected customers even have to pay for calls to German landlines themselves.

For the same price you currently receive flat rate offers with an internet connection.

With such contracts, those affected no longer have to pay attention to the minutes spoken. For a fixed base price, callers can use the line as often and as long as the wires literally run hot.

The so-called DSL tariffs usually cost between 15 and 30 euros. With comparison portals you can determine cheap alternatives.