This flight will not only Muscovites, but residents of more than 30 Russian regions. The Embassy said that were able to include in the final list of passengers, which was not originally in the list of the Ministry of communications. We are talking primarily about humanitarian cases. This 67 people, said Anatoly Antonov. For example, we are talking about Russian citizens who were treated or rehabilitated in the United States, older people, one believe. Diplomats helped them with the paperwork and flight check-in.

in addition, in Russia fly 12 students and 21 students. These include 13 citizens, who studied in the United States through a joint program of the St. Petersburg state University and Bard College (private Humanities University of liberal arts and Sciences in Annandale-on-Hudson, new York). Antonov said that facilitating the return of minors is a priority of the work of the Embassy.

Earlier official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova told RG that depodesta together with diplomats on the ground have done much work to find dozens of Russian schoolchildren, who were in the U.S. for educational programs that were minimized on the background of the pandemic, what the Embassy advised the state Department.

With organization of flight diplomats really helped the volunteers of youth public associations of compatriots, first of all, “Russian youth of America”, recognized at the Embassy.