Angelina Jolie/Peyton Mancer

Pandemic coronavirus affected seem to all spheres and had an impact on the usual course of life many different people. This year the graduates stepped not only into adulthood, but in the brave new world: traditional graduations and exams Zoom. But no celebration of yesterday’s schoolchildren decided not to leave. 27 June, will host a national online prom: “Vkontakte” will delight the children with a live concert by popular artists, and TikTok had prepared a series of master classes in style from bloggers, challenges and musical greetings.

And yet these conventional exhaust will not name — to take at least the choice of outfits! The new format requires new ideas. Thinking, what are the main trends can define prom fashion in postcoronary era.

Nostalgia for the past and look at the graduation parties of celebrities

prom dresses have their own fashion: to see this, it suffices to look through the archival chronicle, or to compare what went on the home school evening, and what little sister, for example.

While in the 80s the West was dominated by maximalism and dominated by bright colors, we have graduates still wore modest romantic dress without cleavage, but with frills and ruffles.

Alumni in the 80-ies

But in the 90 range changed greatly, as has the awareness of fashion trends: the dream of the “Queens ball” became a slinky short dress with cut-out and the demand for lace, lurex, organza. Dreamed of a graduate of those years and the trendy jacket with shoulder pads.

Spice Girls

an Example for graduates, of course, were and celebrity. In the 80s many in the West focused on Madonna, complementing the image of a large jewelry, but by the end of the 90s began to gain popularity mini dress with shoulder straps, like the Spice Girls.

Alumni in the 90-ies

To zero the choice of the graduates was so great that one major trend in business is not limited to: on the same dance floor danced in petticoats, like Princess and slinky dresses with a slashed hem.

this year many celebrities have decided to support alumni around the world and shared stories about the end of school and, of course, pictures from prom.

graduates of 2018 photo from instagram

As a full holiday this year high school girls were deprived of, why not see how he passed the others, thumbing through my mother’s album and archival footage of the stars.

to Study them, however, it will be interesting to those who already celebrated a graduation, because many celebrities seem to have a very pragmatic approach to the selection of attire and favored dresses that can be left in the locker room and after the eveningIncas.

for Example, Tracy Ellis Ross went to prom in a dark gray sheath from Armani, and Michelle Obama chose a set of silk set of dress and jacket in the same colors — is not an idea for a summer release?

Gigi (in a dress Hervé Léger) and Bella Hadid at the prom

to Approach the issue creatively and to capture the moment

this year’s Graduates were in a difficult situation but it was in this important historical moment, because even without the prom later years will be something to remember and 2020 will enter the textbooks for future generations. This eventful senior year not everyone can boast of.

the Cancellation of ceremonial events is not a reason to deprive yourself of the colorful pictures and vivid dresses. Decided school from Il — 18-year-old Peyton Manker, a graduate of Sparta High School.

Peyton Mankar

the name of the school still requires not to give up, and she has enjoyed ballroom dress, and he did it with his hands. The attire Peyton decided to capture the moment — the dress and all the accessories related to the topic of coronavirus.

So, on the skirt you can see a picture of doctors, as well as a scene with a call for Zoom and bag made in the form of the virus under a microscope.

I wanted to demonstrate what was happening, because the pandemic has somehow affected so many people all over the world,

said Manker, whose prom was canceled.

the Portrait in the Central part of the skirt is devoted to the sense of loneliness and confusion faced by many during the isolation.

I put this image in the center, because a lot of people feel alienated and frightened by the situation in which we find ourselves,

— said the graduate.

the Outfit, of course, complement and distinctive accessories in addition to handbags. An integral aspect of this year’s mask, which she adorned with the inscription Flatten The Curve (“reach a plateau” — in the case of a pandemic, the term means a reduction of the peak of the statistical curve through isolation and other measures to reduce morbidity).

Well, in the hairstyle Manker used a pin with the inscription Separately Together (“together apart”). Finished festive look to a bouquet that Peyton made bushings from toilet paper — an ironic reference to panic purchases, which have been observed in different countries at the beginning of the pandemic.

Dress the girl created for a contest held annually by the brand, which produces adhesive tape (the fact that she created the outfit). The main prize, by the way, is 10 thousand dollars — this year the results will be announced only on July 21, but the creativity Peyton have��e appreciated by the users of the network. Her post on Facebook was shared over a quarter million times!

See into the future (and not clutter the wardrobe)

About the coming era of virtual clothing in the fashion world talking for a long time. In the digital space modern man spends sometimes have more time than in the real world, and the latest developments, and locked at all home millions of people around the world, when the virtual link is the only possible choice.

the industry has reacted to these processes. Capsule digital collections and models-avatars appeared at Western brands before, and now to the process involved and of the Russian brand.

for Example, in March of this year, the Designer Regina Turbine has launched the first Russian online store digital Replicant clothing.Fashion.

digital things provide limitless opportunities for expression. They can be made from the fantastic and non-existent materials and textures, to have all sorts of combinations of colors and don’t always obey the laws of physics

— written on the website about the advantage of virtual clothing.


For an event that only happens once (a high school graduation such is certainly true) it should be remembered, is really excellent.

the First digital collection this spring released and Alena Akhmadullina. Inspired by the traditional Russian style designer clothes and accessories presented a virtual model Aliona Floor. The most spectacular part of the capsule steel headdress-mask selfies in this hat definitely will not go unnoticed.

Alena Akhmadullina

a Digital avatar to represent their new products and created brand LYNA+. This visualization made it neutral: the virtual model is not race, color of skin, no accent on the physique. The representatives of the brand also noted that abandonment of traditional shooting is the ability to reduce production costs, and hence the final price is the real thing.

For those who are for radical changes and complete the transition to the virtual fashion world is not yet ready, there are collaborations at the intersection of physical and digital. For example, in June of this year, the presentation of the joint project of the brand ZNY and glo.

the Main idea of the collection — leverage augmented reality as an interactive decorative element on clothing and accessories. The brand has developed three effects, allowing you to “revive” the prints on the clothes and turn them into three-dimensional animated objects.

And how did you choose the outfit to your prom?