It has formed a Phalanx of critics, ranging from the President of the medical Association of the philosophers and experts in risk ethics Prof. Julian Nida-Rümelin up to the head of the Ifo Institute. The lively set – “I think that Jens Spahn is doing a great Job.” – speaks only to the Chancellor. And she does it not out of Conviction, but out of self-protection. Spahn, wiggles her throne starts to wobble. The Person

Gabor Steingart is one of the most famous journalists in the country. He is editor of the Newsletter “Steingarts Morning Briefing”. The eponymous Podcast is Germany’s leading Daily Podcast for politics and the economy. In the spring of 2020 Steingart moves in with his editorial on the editorial ship “Pioneer One”. Prior to founding Media Pioneer was Steingart Chairman of the Board of management of the Handelsblatt Media Group.

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Imago Images, Minister of health, Jens Spahn, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel

the Federal chamber of physicians has Spahn list of serious deficiencies is sent

The mismanagement of the Minister, but is responsible, is not a trifle. Dr. Klaus Reinhardt, President of the Federal chamber of physicians, formulated in a confidential Letter to Spahn – with a copy to the Chancellery Minister Helge Braun – the list of defects:

  • “We would like to point out at this point, once again, that the last-through the Central purchasing provided, the quantities of protective masks are in no way sufficient.”
  • “For weeks on outpatient basis and colleagues, and their employees without adequate protection.”
  • “The nurses will visit to care for older people in the Main home and therefore unprotected under the most risk of a fatal progression affected group of patients.”
  • “the house doctors, who have forced in their practice every day and that can lead to infected patients dimensions without protective masks must nevertheless ensure the normal supply of many nursing home patients. In the case of a chain of infection in an old people’s home in Würzburg, with nine dead is a cautionary tale.“ Gabor Steingart

Germany is the pandemic, not bad, but not

prepared For the Background: The approximately 800,000 patient and the active for the approximately 764.000 health care workers live and work together in a confined space. Both together constitute a high-risk group, for the also in the third week after the outbreak of the officially of the WHO declared pandemic, neither protective masks nor protective clothing or sufficient disinfectant to be available.

Germany is on the pandemic, contrary to the government’s claims, not bad, but not at all prepared.

So the drakon were measures of a Shutdown of public life, which normally form the end of an escalation chain, intentionally, in the beginning of the set. A government that guarantees the least, trying to impress the Maximum.

“In the house doctors is no protection material more available,”

In the Morning Briefing Podcast, I speak with the President of the chamber of Physicians on his list of defects, he noted the bewilderment:

  • “I must honestly say: This is not obvious to me that we were not prepared for it.”

The feedback of those he represented medical Profession were clearly and unambiguously negative:

  • “In the house doctors is no protection material more and more available and it is also not buyable by anyone, because it just disappeared from the market.”

The measures of the Minister of health is not enough, according to Reinhardt:

  • “but That is no help, if such a practice gets 20 masks. When you visit a normal doctor’s office in the morning, then they come with 20 masks as well, from about eight until half past ten.“

The lack of protective clothing is to according to Reinhardt, especially in the care of the elderly to the risk of:

  • “The ambulatory care services of a-Old to the next and are what is called a Super-Spreader. And the in a Population, which has a maximum risk of developing a disease, actually fatal.“

Reinhardt rejects a General curfew in Germany

The previous Corona-policy, and the treated flat-rate, all age and risk groups, gives him a headache:

  • “If we lead all of these measures, we now have very, more, with their impact on the economy, the psychology of the people, social interaction, and everything that goes with it, then I wonder where we land there?”

A General curfew in Germany, which will be discussed as the next level of escalation in government circles, rejects Reinhardt flatly. He calls instead for a procedure that the experts of the “Cocooning” call, so the isolation of the most vulnerable groups of the population:

  • “I am a barrier against an output, and further tightening. But I am sure that we will use the next few weeks, a very clean stratification for the stabilization of the risk groups on the basis of the existing data. And of all the data that we have available.“ Imago Images of An empty motorway (icon image)

Is: Reinhardt argues, to identify a preloaded and the elderly, and to protect it separately.

  • “I would be divided into different categories and risk classes. And for you, I would consider different measures, how can I protect you from infections. I would incorporate into a strategy, so you can start next to it, gently, back to social life or economic life allow.“

The man is aware of the financial needs of a First-class health system needs, such as the German for Work:

  • “anything we have to pay for the measures we need against Corona.” 50-Year-old survived Covid-19: In the Video he tells how the disease PCP 50 feels like-Year-old survived Covid-19: In the Video he tells how the disease