He has had great success in komikerduoen “Adam and Noah”, but Hadi Ka-Koush can much other than to be fun.

Hadi Ka-Koush came really into the Danish consciousness as a comedian in the massively popular duo “Adam and Noah”, which toppled the country with their satirical Youtube clips and shows.

But the 36-year-old actor, who right now is current as ministry of justice advisor in the DR-dramaserien “When the dust has settled”, have not had problems with crossing the border for serious roles on tv and the big screen, although he was initially feared to be typecast as someone who could only play fun.

– It could easily have gone another way, where all forever would have seen me as a comedian, but thankfully not, says Hadi Ka-Koush.

– I was really afraid of it, and in the beginning I was also typecastet, but we do it all together, he says.

Hadi Ka-Koush was trained from Statens theatre School in 2010, and since his departure he has played with in a multitude of different theatrical productions, movies and, not least, the tv series.

– It has not been such a “you are the him the fun or him the serious”. I have played the advent calendar, I’ve played the policeman, the executioner in the “taking hostage”, now I play a political advisor, and I have also played the husband in “the ways of the Lord,” he says.

in two stages, has Hadi Ka-Koush game Skir in TV2’s advent calendar on the Tinka, and the role has really been to make him a known face around in the living rooms and put the line under, that the role of Noah in the komikerduoen was precisely that: a role.

“Tinkas christmas carol” and Tinka and kongespillet” did I come out to a million people every evening and at once be able to say “go ahead”. I jumped out of Noah-the closet with fashion. People found out that I am not called Noah in fact and they found out that I talk differently, ” says the actor, who calls it “a bold journey”.

Throughout the next years, he can be seen on Adam’s and Noah’s afskedsturné, “good-Bye, and Tjak”, but it is really the last opportunity to see him in the role. And what should happen next, he does not know right now.

– After the tour with Adam and Noah have nothing in the calendar. Nothing. But there is a year to, then it is fine and nice. My work fills so much in my life, and the phone rings often, when there just is another who has called, and you have said yes to something, says Hadi Ka-Koush.

– But I also hope I get time to just countries and understand the chapter, who have just joined and take some steps in that direction, I decide, he says.

“When the dust has settled” will be sent on DR1 at 20: 00 hours.