Jennifer Lopez

today’s heroine, Jennifer Lopez serves as an excellent example of a strong woman who, despite all obstacles, was able to make myself. She grew up in a poor area of the Bronx and always dreamed of becoming a superstar, although her parents instilled in her the idea that the latina is not. However, Lopez went ahead and eventually became not only a Hollywood star, but one of the most successful singers of her generation, as well as the successful businesswoman and sex symbol.

Today, the star celebrates his 51st birthday, but creates a feeling of the person without age. She never tired of the lights on the stage, as in our first videos, still laughs loudly and continues to enjoy the little things. On the occasion of the birthday of J. Lo SPLETNIK.RU made up of vivid photos that will help go through the most important chapters in the life of a star.

Jennifer Lopez was born in the Bronx in a simple family of a programmer and a housewife. The parents of actress — Puerto Ricans, and it is to them it owes its bright appearance. All child, Jennifer, along with his parents and two sisters lived in a small apartment and already had dreams of becoming a superstar.

this mom and dad daughter didn’t share and quite strict she was raised: my parents did not allow Jennifer to walk late at night and sent her to study in a Catholic school. Fortunately, creativity is not hindered. Since the age of five, Lopez took singing lessons and dance and gymnastics, running, and played softball.

Jennifer Lopez

before the end of the school Jennifer Lopez told his parents about his desire to become an actress and even starred in a low-budget film “My little girl”. However, mom and dad, Lopez assured the daughter that no one from the Latino failed to become a Hollywood star, and insisted that she receive a more earthly profession. Lopez had to succumb to the entreaties of parents and after graduation to enter law College. Jennifer studied there for one semester, then moved out from my parents and started working as a dancer.

Jennifer Lopez beginning with performances in the musicals “Jesus Christ superstar” and “Oklahoma!” in Manhattan, then began to sing in a choir Golden Musicals of Broadway and toured in its composition the whole of Europe. In show business also J. Lo came after his participation in the Comedy TV show In Living Color, where he was a dancer. After that, Lopez starred in several TV series, and in 1995, debuted on the big screen and has appeared in two pictures — “My family” and “Money train”. Next were the paintings “Blood and wine”, “Selena”, “Out of sight”, “Cell”, and many others.

this really in the movie, J. Lo fired at the beginning of zero. In that period they released such films as “the Wedding planner”, “maid in Manhattan”, “Jersey Girl”, “Let’s dance” and “If the mother in law — monster”. Concurrently, Lopez has also started to conquer the musical Olympus.

Jennifer Lopez and Jack Nicholson in the film “Blood and wine”

Jennifer Lopez in “maid in Manhattan” Jennifer Lopez and Sean Penn in the film “the Turning”

Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere in the movie “shall we dance”

Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez in “Wedding planner”

In 1999, Jennifer released her first single, titled If You Had My Love, which immediately became a hit. Name Lopez instantly rose to the top of the popular American hit parade Billboard Hot 100 — earlier this triumph was achieved only Britney Spears. After the release of their debut album Lopez called On the 6 critics publicly called the actress “a woman who has many talents.”

Music Jennifer is so loved by the audience that overshadowed her career in film, now the star was referred to as J. Lo, after which she decided to take this creative alias.

With every new released album downloads Lopez continued to grow, and her hit Jenny from the Block, released in 2002, ranked first in the various music charts and is still considered one of the most successful in her entire career.

do Not forget Jennifer Lopez and about her personal life. Novels bright star always widely discussed in the press. So, her first husband, Lopez became Ohani Noah, who at the time worked as a waiter in Miami. Jen and Ojani got married in 1997 and broke up just a year after the wedding. While a few years former beloved star wanted to cash in on their marriage and tried to publish a book about the details of the relationship with the star. Lopez then filed for ex-husband to court and not allow the publishing of his memoirs. The reason for the ban was previously signed between the agreement under which Ohani had no right to dwell on the details of their marriage.

Jennifer Lopez and Ojani Noah

After divorce from Jennifer Lopez was a short�� romance with rapper P. Diddy. In 1999, the star couple got into trouble in one of the clubs in new York. Then Jennifer and P. Diddy accused of using weapons and stealing other people’s things. Shortly thereafter, the actress and singer was acquitted and her boyfriend publicly stated that it is irrelevant to the shooting. The rapper was charged with the offense, then their relationship quickly come to naught. By the way, now Jen and P Diddy has a great relationship: they often rest in the same company, and the rapper does not hide his admiration for the appearance of a former lover and do not mind to leave her rave review with a new photo on instagram.

Jennifer Lopez and P. Diddy

After breaking up with rapper Lopez started Dating dancer Chris Judd. The couple developed rapidly, and in 2001 they officially became husband and wife. However, the second marriage for Jen collapsed just a year after the wedding. In an interview, Judd said that they broke up for several reasons.

it Was very difficult to be the center of attention. Like you knew what you signed… You must accept this lifestyle. But if you suddenly begin to fight for your personal space, it starts to drive you crazy. And because of this many people break up. But not only that ruined our marriage, just at some point he, unfortunately, has ceased to work

— talked Chris.

Chris Judd and Jennifer Lopez

After second divorce from Jennifer Lopez began one of the most beautiful novels in her life. In 2002, the star began Dating Ben Affleck, and soon the couple announced their engagement. Jen and Ben were the real darlings of the press — journalists have even called them a couple of “Benifer”, then this word has entered many dictionaries of English neologisms.

Together, Lopez and Affleck starred in the video for the song Lopez Jenny from the Block in the movie “Gigli”. Wedding star was appointed on 14 September 2003, and fans have been looking forward to this magnificent celebration.

imagine their surprise when just a day before the wedding, Lopez and Affleck canceled the celebration. The press went the most different versions of the reasons of the gap stars official explanation fans have not waited. Only much later in an interview, Lopez hinted that her relationship with Ben has changed the joint work on the film “Gigli”. The picture flopped at the box office and received six awards anteprime “Golden raspberry”, including in the categories “Worst actor” and “Worst actress”.

Then I lost self-esteem. Beginning to doubt whether it can be an actress. I thought I was bad at everything — talked about his emotional state at the time, Jen.

Lopez also admitted that it is very hard experienced a breakup with Affleck, which occurred in front of the whole world, and for two years could not recover. Somehow Jennifer also mentioned that their relationship with Affleck was destroyed including the fault of the journalists who have turned their life into a nightmare.

It was a kind of madness. Today finally I can be who I am, and show himself to the people, not posing for another.

Ben, in turn, tried not to comment on his break-up with Lopez in the press. A few years ago, he only admitted that their relationship was very difficult, and stated that more will not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

After a bad breakup with Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez quickly found solace in the arms of musician Mark Anthony, who has long been her friend. In 2004, the couple got married, and the wedding took place just one week after Anthony officially divorced from his previous wife. In 2007, the couple announced the imminent addition to the family, and early in the following year was born their twins Max and Emmy.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

In 2011, Lopez and Anthony announced their intention to divorce. The initiator of the gap made by the singer, and its the reason the couple called a difficult period, during which revealed too many unsolvable problems. Even after 3 years, the couple settled all property issues and formalized the divorce. After breaking up Jen and mark were able to maintain friendly relations for the sake of their two children and often spend time with them.

Jennifer Lopez children

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez children

Jennifer Lopez with kids

Immediately after the request for divorce in 2011, Lopez had an affair with dancer Casper SmarTeam. They dated for three years, after which he announced his breakup, and in 2015 back together. In the end, to glue the broken bowl of j-Lo and Casper came out, and a year later they decided to remain friends.

After the break-but I have Lopez, was a short-term affair with rapper Drake. It lasted only a few months to as long as Lopez did not meet with baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

the First few months, Lopez and Rodriguez hid their relationship from the press, and then became increasingly exposed by paparazzi, started to go out and publish in the instagram group selfie. In the spring of 2019, a couple got engaged — Rodriguez took a sweetheart offer right on the beach during a joint holiday. The wedding of celebrity couple planned to play this summer, but plans interfered pandemic coronavirus, so the celebration was postponed indefinitely.

Marriage is important to both of us. Alex hails from a traditional Latin American families, so both quickly want to officially become husband and wife. Everyone needs someone with whom he can grow old with. What would be interesting no matter your job, no matter how much you earn, in the end it does not matter. Families,

told Jen about the upcoming wedding with Rodriguez in an interview.

the quarantine Lopez and Rodriguez played in his big mansion in Florida. All this time they were accompanied by their children, twins singer and two daughters of a baseball player from a previous marriage. By the way, you guys are getting along well, love to spend time together and ride in a fun-filled family trip.

Jennifer Lopez children

Jennifer Lopez with her daughter, Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez with kids

Now, Jen continues to be in a movie, to go with his show in different countries of the world and do their own clothing line, JLo by Jennifer Lopez focused on young girls. In addition, the star has time to pursue their other business projects, mainly related to real estate. By the way, last year in honor of his 50-year anniversary of Lopez staged a large-scale concert tour called It’s My Party, in which he gave several concerts in Russia.

Jennifer Lopez and Donatella Versace

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez

Its 51 th anniversary Lopez, likely to celebrate much more modest — to truly roam won’t let her still tense epidemiological situation in the United States. However, next to the star on this day exactly will the relatives and friends of the bride, children, and two beloved pet (Golden Retriever and puppy Goldendoodle).