From 1 July parents will be able to obtain additional payments for children. How much they make and how they will transfer the money?

In July, will increase measures to support families with children. They provided several benefits. Parents need to pay attention to certain nuances of the paperwork and receive money.

— 10 000 rubles in July, will receive not only those families who received a similar payment in June, but parents of children under three years who received 5,000 rubles per child, — has told the senior managing partner of the legal company PG Partners Peter Gusyatnikov. — That is, all parents of children from 0 to 16 years in Russia will receive in July for 10 000 from the state.

In the FIU explained that the money will parents, adoptive parents, or guardians. The amount of 10 thousand rubles for each child. Important point — the money will be added to the monthly payment of 5 thousand rubles for children up to three years or a lump sum payment of 10 thousand rubles, for children from three to 16 years that is from April and June is already listed families.

Parents, adoptive parents and guardians who have already received these payments, additional July payment in the amount of 10 thousand rubles will be granted automatically to file a new application is not necessary, — emphasized in the RPF.

Another thing, if the parents for money is not addressed. In this case, they will receive an additional 10 thousand rubles after you apply for payment for children up to three years or on the payment for children from three to 16 years.

If the application is approved and transfer payments, then an additional amount of 10 thousand rubles provided the family automatically. Thus, to submit a separate application to receive the July measure of support, in any case not necessary.

in addition, extended payments to the unemployed with children. Previously, such support measure was introduced in connection with the spread of coronavirus.

— Parents laid off from March 1, 2020 and are registered in the employment center are eligible for a payment of 3000 rubles on each child till 18 years, — has told the lawyer of lawyer Bureau “S&K Vertical” Anastasia Gurina. — First, the money could be obtained only from April to June. Now the measure of support extended for July and August. It should be noted that for purpose of a grant is necessary to register at the employment center.

As explained by Peter Gusyatnikov, if work is lost both parents, adopter or guardian, to apply any of them if only one the one who lost his job.

in addition, from June 1, the minimum monthly benefit for child care increased twice — from 3375 to 6752 rubles. Payments for June will be made in July.