From 1 July in private and apartment houses will begin installing new smart meters of electricity. To whom, when and for how much will change the meters?

the New metering devices do monitor the consumption of electricity and remotely transmit data to the service provider. Thus, will not have to independently enter data and fill out receipts, everything will happen automatically.

electricity Supplier will decide what method will be passed the information from the meters. There are several options: send the indicators to new devices through a home network WI-FI mobile or SIM card, installed in the meter.

In new smart meters will be installed immediately. In the old Fund will change gradually. The new counters will be put as a failure of the metering devices or until the term of their verification.

If you find that the tenants refuse to change the device, the calculation of electricity will be produced according to the standards taking into account the multiplier. Accordingly, to pay for utility services will have more. This applies to those situations where the old meter is out of order and needs to be replaced.

Lawyers warn that any transition to a new accounting system is accompanied by a surge of interest in this topic from the scams. They’ve been calling residents and offering to install or replace the meter at a “preferential price”. After hearing the proposal, you need to be wary, and in any case not to allow themselves to the house of the people from the street. About all the electricity tariffs and the rules of transition to the new meters, contact your service provider or in a management company.

For the installation and replacement of meters meets the guaranteeing supplier or the network organisation. However, senior lawyer, European legal service Harness Ivashchenko does not rule out that though the law tenants the installation of meters to pay are not required, but it is likely the inclusion of these expenses in the tariffs for electricity.

furthermore, apart from the installation of meters there is also the cost of their services. Here they incorporate into the tariff for electricity. However, the amount of receipts has not changed much. By law, payment for utility services is limited to the rate of inflation.