In the case of the suspected bio-bombers from Castrop-Rauxel, there are shocking new details: Apparently the two brothers were expecting a delivery of ricin seeds that very day, which could have killed thousands of people if they had been prepared accordingly.

Apparently they were planning an attack with a bio-bomb. Four days ago, a police special task force (SEK) arrested the two brothers Monir and Jalal J. in Castrop-Rauxel, Westphalia. Compromising chat histories found on the two Iranians’ cellphones show how much time was of the essence.

According to FOCUS online information, the 32 and 25-year-old suspects expected a delivery of castor seeds for that Saturday, January 7th. Prepared into a highly toxic aerosol, a small amount of this material, sprayed indoors via a nebulizer, can kill thousands of people. The substance could also have a devastating effect as the core of a bio-bomb.

Apparently, however, there was no poison shipment last Saturday. Rather, shortly before midnight on that Saturday, the SEC accessed the data. The searches of the older brother’s apartment and two garages did not uncover any poison. In this respect, the Düsseldorf public prosecutor’s office relies on the accused’s chat traffic after a preliminary evaluation. At least that was enough to get an arrest warrant for conspiring to commit a crime. In this case, it’s murder.

According to state security officials, the two detainees are sympathizers of the terrorist militia “Islamic State” (IS). Apparently, so the suspicion, the two suspects wanted to kill many people in the name of jihad in Germany with a mixture of the highly toxic substances ricin and cyanide.

Marco Ostmeyer, defender of the younger brother, did not want to comment on the allegations on FOCUS online. First of all, one wants to wait for the inspection of the files in order to decide on the further procedure. “At this point in time, my client will make use of his right to remain silent.”

As already reported, the tip on the attack plans came from the US Federal Police FBI. The authorities from overseas had already drawn the local authorities’ attention to the two suspected Iranian IS sympathizers over the Christmas period. The local investigators are now trying to use the confiscated storage media to gain further information as to whether and how far the planned act of terrorism had already progressed.