The singer of the hit “Berry-raspberry” Valentina Legkostupova, which, according to media reports, he suffered a serious head injury in alleged drunk, never had a problem with alcohol, said the publication Starhit friend of the singer Olga Sivakova. The woman also expressed doubt that the incident may be related to the spouse of the actress yachtsman Yury Firsov.

The day before, as reported by “the Rambler”, the media reported that 54-year-old Valentina Legkostupova was hospitalized with a serious head injury. The singer allegedly went into a coma, doctors did her a difficult operation. The journalists explained that artist a few days left in the bout, along with her husband Yuri Firsov. Protracted feast was interrupted by the singer’s daughter, which brought both in a rehab clinic. There the doctors discovered Legkostupova bruises all over her body and a serious head injury. It is noteworthy that Firsov, coming to himself, escaped from the hospital. Later he was detained by militiamen.

Olga Sivakova said that Legkostupova friends with since childhood. She says that the singer has never depended on alcohol.

“Never used. So the rumors about her problems with alcohol — the full nonsense,” she said.

According to the woman, the version that Firsov could beat a spouse does not hold water. The woman cannot believe that the couple often clashed due to the fact that the sailor could not find a common language with children Legkostupova from his first marriage.

“did You see them when they are together? Yes, they are just glowing! And Yuri did say that he can be the aggressor?” – she summed up.

According to media reports, he Firsov said that the singer was injured after stumbling in the bathroom. According to him, with the artist “all is well”: she is now conscious, and in two days it should be discharged.