Raphael Geminiani hopes for the Tour this summer, you can go on. In an interview with the French sports L’equipe said that the 94-year-old French former rider and a former team leader from the rusthuiskamer in Pérignat-sur-Allier “and that the Tour would be able to help, to heal, le confinement (the French word for lock)”.

the ‘Gem’ was included in the Tour since 1947, and the first post-war Tour de France, which was won by his fellow countryman, Jean Robic. “I want to re-count. Am I the only one who survived of the race in 1947 and 1948. I never saw so many people gathered together, as at the beginning, in Paris in 1947,” says the 94-year-old Frenchman, who was close friends with Fausto Coppi. “They were all so happy people. The Tour brought us to the war it was forgotten. This is precisely why I hope to Tour this summer, they can occur. The only condition is that this virus not only persists, but also in the way it is. This is a voluntary incarceration affects us, but it is also mentally hard to bear. We need this to heal. The Tour would help us all to provide stability and allows us to live again,” says one of the oldest ex-geletruidrager who is also the leader of r.a. Anquetil, Aimar and Ocaña. sdhc
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