Sometimes, a bad weather is just on the outside. Because it attracts no one in front of the door. But children still need the exercise – right now. Fortunately, there are plenty of games that do well in the cosy rooms of fun and Large and Small play can. Here movement are games that work great in the house or the apartment:

Freeze, Dancer!

in Turn, a player disc jockey, begins at the Youngest. He or she puts his or her favorite music. The other dance so nicely. When the DJ stops the music, the dancers need immediately solidify whether you have just one leg in the air or wave my arms. Variant for Advanced users: The DJ determine what is the Motto of the players must freeze, such as an animal or letter. And the pros can dance Mature with a Hula-Hoop. This is really difficult – and funny.


With cartons, cardboard rolls, boards and duct tape in the apartment there is a mini Golf course design. These the family plays, for example, then with a Tennis or ping-pong ball and brooms or Squeegees as thugs. Who designed the craziest Golf course? And who needs at the end of the least Attempts to roll the Ball in the box curve along the tube, shoot over the ramp and place it on the pillow?

sheets Golf

At this Golf variant is your family to a Dream Team. Here, all together, uh, need to pull sheets! You need: a bed sheet, a marble and a roll of toilet paper. All the players hold the bed sheet at the edges, on marble, and the role of the. Goal is the small ball on the shaky surface of the hole. Even more of Gaudi makes this bed sheet Golf by the way, if you form two groups. It wins, who shoots in ten minutes, most of the marble gates.


On all fours down pillows on the back, and dad, mom and the children in the turtles transform. You determine the reptile race track. You start, for example, in the hallway, there is a kitchen and living room to the bedroom. The aim of the race is the children’s room. By the way: As in real life, the Last are sometimes First. Because if a turtle loses out of sheer hustle and bustle of your tank (ie: your pillow), you must return to the Start.

powerful jumps

The polar bears of the ice floes melt away under the paws. Therefore, you don’t always have to make bigger jumps to flop into the Arctic sea. How it feels, you can at this game a little to feel: The players are the polar bears, the paper sheets increases, the ice floes, the intervals in the course of the game. Who danebenhopst out.

Small Hollywood

Who has the greatest acting talent in the family? Find it out yet: The game leader gives the Team a bag with everyday items such as candle, glass, pen, pencil, or Ball. Using this things the actors have to develop a Sketch. Advanced make shadow theatre: stretch a sheet, irradiating it with a lamp and perform your piece of theatre behind the shadow wall.


This game is a good preparation to train for the next ski slopes. Stretch a long cord, ten centimeters above the floor of the largest room. (You can fix the cord, for example with tacks on the walls.) On each of the two game fields for up to three players “volley bales”. It goes like this: sit on floor, Butt lift, arms, and legs by pressing. In this Crab, you is steering with the feet or shoulders of a balloon into the opponent’s box. As in Volleyball, the game device is not allowed to touch the ground. Low-carb and gluten-free: So you can bake freely in 5 minutes delicious microwave bread PCP Lowcarb and gluten: to bake in 5 minutes delicious microwave bread

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