Freelancers looking for new ways of income due to coronavirus

52% report that the number of customers has decreased, while 36% complained of a significant reduction in customers. 29% of respondents the number of customers has not changed, and 19%, on the contrary, noted the increasing number of customers.

with regard to income, over a third (36%) of freelancers said a significant decline in revenues during a pandemic, 20% noted a drop in fees. Among the two categories above 59% are already looking for new ways of generating income, and 10% already found them. 23% of the respondents argues that thinking about to make something else. One-fifth of respondents confirmed that their income increased.

the authors of the study argue that for the vast majority of freelancers regime of self-isolation was not a shock: the 59% of them previously worked at home and now continue to do so. 13% try more often to work from home, and only 7% say that are still working in public places. Among those who had to move home to work, 53% feel comfortable in a new environment. However, 15% complain that the house uncomfortable to work.

most participants in the study fear of uncertainty – this option was chosen by 33% of respondents. 19% fear reducing the number of customers and orders, and 15% fear that personal savings can come to an end. Only 11% are afraid of Contracting coronavirus, and 8% are afraid of losing work.

the survey involved more than 300 people. The majority (77%) were men, 23% women. Almost half (46%) of respondents aged 25 to 34 years, 31% of respondents aged 19 to 24 years. The majority (40%) live in the Central region of Russia, 14% – in the North-West, 12% Siberian, 10% in South and Volga.

the Majority (42%) of freelancers working in the field of web and promotional design, 32% are involved in social and advertising networks (maintain groups in social networks, customize and conduct advertising campaigns, etc.), 23% work in design (web, gaming content, software, etc.). The remaining respondents – representatives of such occupations as taxi driver, courier, streamer, seller and so on.