In a seemingly contradictory decision, the Washington Nationals canceled their annual July 3 “freedom fireworks” display due to the US capital’s noise laws. Commenters online unleashed a wave of mockery and anger.

The Nationals’ pre-Independence Day fireworks display is a Washington DC tradition, and was set to take place on Saturday night following a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. However, rain dragged out the game, and the Nationals canceled the display, as it would have fallen foul of the city’s 10pm curfew on “unreasonably loud noise.”

Tonight’s Freedom Fireworks presented by Budweiser have been canceled due to the city’s noise curfew. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Nationals fans and commenters were unimpressed. “‘Freedom’ fireworks cancelled because the government said you can’t do something…” one remarked sarcastically.


Metaphor alert

“Government took away our permission to celebrate your freedom.”

The founding fathers would be so disappointed.

Some commenters took issue with the noise ordinance seemingly not affecting criminals in DC, which has seen shootings climb for several consecutive years and the murder rate reach a 15-year high in 2020. The city’s council, meanwhile, has proposed slashing police funding from next year’s budget.

According to @MayorBowser, the @Nationals can’t have fireworks that we paid extra for, because “noise ordinance,”, but gunshots from gang violence that kill poor black Americans is no problem, nothing to worry about. I understand why the entire rest of the country hates DC.

Quick fix.”Defund The Police Fireworks presented by Budweiser.”Fireworks back on and the Nats get additional tax funding.

What does the city plan to do about gun shots going off during noise curfew?

Adding insult to injury, the Nationals were defeated by the Dodgers for the third consecutive time.

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