As early as 2018, Google announced a function that has not yet appeared: With “Colorize”, it should be possible to return black and white images to their original colors directly in Google’s photo app. The tool is still a work in progress, but there is no release date.

However, if you still want to colorize pictures automatically now, you don’t have to wait for Google: The free tools AI Picture Colorizer and Palette – Colorize Photos analyze your black-and-white photos and, thanks to artificial intelligence, add true-to-life colors.

For a long time, coloring black-and-white photos was time-consuming manual work. Thanks to the web app AI Picture Colorizer, however, this is now done for you by artificial intelligence. All you have to do is upload a photo and the web app will do the rest in a few seconds.

It is best to scan the images with a good resolution of 300 dpi or photograph them with a good camera. This promises better results when “painting” areas such as objects, clothing or faces. The Colorization Factor setting doesn’t really have a noticeable impact on the end result.

After clicking on “Colorize” the colors are added. This works fairly reliably even with relatively low image quality. After that you can download the image directly. If a photo has damage such as cracks, there is also a tool on the website for repairing cracks and artifacts in scanned images. You should use this before coloring.

The Palette-Colorize Photos web app is a more than successful alternative that allows you to realistically colorize black and white photos, maybe an old family photo.

Using artificial intelligence, black and white images are colored as the subject might have looked in real life. Different filters allow the user to try out different artistic directions.

“Palette – Colorize Photos” works without registration, is completely free of charge and can be operated intuitively. The manufacturer promises to delete all uploaded images from its servers after processing is complete.

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