The Canton of Thurgau had requested in his initiative is that to pay for all imports in the private goods, the Swiss VAT, if the foreign VAT is claimed back.

it was fairer, because today is the abroad purchase pay the end customer, in contrast to that, the purchases in Switzerland, no VAT. The border of the Canton so wanted to contain it but also the shopping tourism.

Enormous bureaucracy, lack of control

The Commission for economic Affairs and taxation of the Council of States (WAK) is the Problem of shopping tourism. However, she has decided that to remain free border. A new System brings with it new difficulties. In addition, adjustments are associated with an enormous bureaucratic effort and easy to circumvent – in truth and in fact, the customs administration could not control the namely even.

in order for the Commission’s assessment is broadly in line with the Federal Council recently published report. Consequently, shopping tourism with measures at the border can hardly contain it.

The high prices are to blame

the main reason for the shopping tourism, the high prices in Switzerland are in comparison to the neighboring countries, he writes. This difference can be measures at the border does not eliminate it. Consumers would also go with a stricter import regime for shopping abroad.

the thing is not amortized but: In the autumn session of the Council of States has to decide. (sf/SDA)