A lawyer abuses her position to rob a visually impaired senior citizen of all her assets. She now lives on the poverty line.

According to a report in “Bild”, a 40-year-old lawyer in Frankfurt is on trial for allegedly defrauding a visually and hearing-impaired pensioner of more than 630,000 euros. She is said to have taken advantage of her position as the 87-year-old’s legal guardian and deprived the old lady of her assets under false pretenses.

The lawyer, mother of three small children, is said to have already received 420,000 euros as a supposed gift from the senior citizen. “Can you sign,” according to the prosecution, she said to the old lady when she handed her the transfer slip.

But that’s not all: in December 2020, the lawyer is said to have ordered a luxury BMW worth around 80,000 euros at the expense of the almost blind senior citizen and plundered her accounts. In total, she is said to have stolen around 655,000 euros by 2023, as “ Blick.ch ” also reports.

“Bild” also reports that the 87-year-old is now impoverished and her relatives can no longer even pay the rent for her dorm. All she is left with is an empty account and a house in Frankfurt that has already been sold.

However, in a surprising twist, a deal was reached between the court, the prosecution and the defense. If the defendant makes a full confession, her total prison sentence could be between two years and eight months and three years and four months.

According to her defense attorney, she appeared remorseful and confessed and described all allegations as true. The process continues.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for seniors to fall for scammers more often. In Austria, a pensioner transferred 188,000 euros to a fraudster who posed as a soldier in Syria. Her bank intervened when she wanted to scrape together the last of her money.

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