A woman’s husband reacts very idiosyncratically to a back injury. He wants surveillance cameras because he thinks she’s cheating on him.

“My husband wants to install cameras because I hurt my back,” writes a woman on Reddit, a platform used by millions of people. In her text she explains that she has several scratches on her back. She has a skin disease, so too much pressure or scratching would quickly leave marks.

The man would have noticed the injuries while taking a shower together. “I said, ‘Wow, that explains all the blood in the bed,'” the text says. Her husband also observed the woman doing laundry early in the morning, which seemed suspicious to him.

However, the woman’s suspicions are questioned by her husband, who returned from a business trip the day before. She had previously scratched herself in her sleep because she suffered from itching. However, her husband doubts this as, in his opinion, the scratches are too far in the middle of the back to be from her own hands. Even though she shows that she is touching the scratches, he is suspicious.

“I got angry and told him I wouldn’t cheat on him if he implied that,” the wife writes. As she further reports, her husband responded by suggesting that video surveillance be installed in the apartment. His reason for this: “You don’t have to worry if you don’t do anything wrong.” The woman is shocked by this suggestion and reacts negatively.

The woman gives further insight into her married life: her husband has trust issues due to his ex-wife’s infidelity. In addition, penetrative sex has been missing from their relationship for around six years for medical reasons, which the man sees as a “good reason” for her to cheat on him. The woman vehemently rejects this claim. She is happy with her relationship and sees no reason.

According to the woman, the man’s trust was also shaken by the fact that around three years ago she brought up therapy, a divorce or an open marriage as possible solutions to her marital problems. However, the woman emphasizes that she would never betray her husband and would always communicate openly.

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