longing With the anthem “das Feyr vo dr” managed to Francine Jordi (42), together with the yodel club, the “biggest Hit” in 2009 there was a mountain, ten years ago. Now the pop star has teamed up once again with a folk-like Formation – this time with homesickness. the most successful male choir in Switzerland. On their fourth Album, “Ärdeschön” (to be published this weekend) sings Jordi the duet “Heicho”. “I have always been a great admirer of homesickness,” she says to BLICK. “As me a producer Georg Schlunegger called, I was intrigued and pleased me enormously.”

“Francine suits us and knocks a spell”

The homesick singer to return the compliment by return of post to the beautiful from Berne. “For us, Francine’s musical and human terms is an absolute enrichment. We form the base. And franc floats INES voice like a small bell, which makes everything brighter.” The new circumstance, to make music in suddenly with a woman, called no big change. “Francine floor is just as constantly as we do. It fits to us and knocks a spell. But of course we are all gone before the first Meeting of the hairdresser”, you say with a wink. “As it was a question of whether you can participate, we have thrown a coin … however it would have been in both cases.”

“Energetic, harmonious and touching”

the result, both sides fall into raptures: “”Heicho” is energetic, harmonious and touching become. Together, we are more than the sum of its two Parts, is more of a multiplication, if not a quantum leap,” said Jordi, and homesick in unison. “Or like a fine Petit Beurre biscuit – homesick the Biscuit, Francine, are the chocolate.” And producer Georg Schlunegger (38) even speaks of a “magical Moment in the Studio”.

Francine Jordi and homesickness harmonize on the stage, can tonight find. For the TV Premiere, it comes with “SRF bi de Lüt – Live” (SRF 1, 20.10).