France expects of fierce negotiations with the UK on trade

foreign Minister of France Jean-Yves Le Drian said that the UK and the European Union have heavy talks about the relationship after Brexit, according to Bloomberg.

“[In the negotiations] on trade issues and a mechanism for future relations that we are going to start now, we’re going to tear each other apart,” said Le Drian at the Munich security conference on Sunday.

““But it’s part of the negotiations, everyone will defend their interests”, he added.

Britain withdrew from the EU on January 31. Then began an 11-month transition period during which parties must negotiate future relations.

“We hope that this can be done as quickly as possible, although there are a lot of questions and we have to solve some serious problems,” said Le Drian, noting the access to the fishing areas fish as much of a problem.

Prime Minister of great Britain, Boris Johnson insists that the transitional period after Brexit will end on 31 December, regardless of whether by this time to reach agreements with Brussels on trade.