Fox News reported that the US investigate the incident in a laboratory in Wuhan

the United States are investigating over the incident in Wuhan laboratory that could be a probable source of the spread of coronavirus.

this was reported by the Fox News channel.

the US Intelligence services collect information on Chinese laboratories and about the initial outbreak, trying to recreate the picture of what happened. It is noted that the investigation data, the White house can use in order to bring China to justice for pandemic coronavirus. Reporters.

According to Fox News, to the attention of the security services is the laboratory of Dr. Shi Jinli, where he worked on antiviral drugs and vaccine against coronavirus. According to sources, he used the bats. The American intelligence rejects the possibility that the coronavirus was artificially created in China as “biological weapons”. The President’s supporters trump are promoting the theory that the spread, apparently, was connected with the accident.

the Head of the US state Department Mike Pompeo said earlier that the White house is closely following the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and the Chinese government did not allow foreign scientists to go to the lab.

“the Chinese government must tell the truth and should be brought to justice”, – said the head of the state Department.