The participants of the project” Active Citizen ” chose the design of a network of city postamats. A total of 152,724 people voted.

The postamates will begin to appear in the city at the end of summer. These will be convenient cells within walking distance from home, work, metro stations. With their help, it will be possible to receive goods from online stores, send parcels without visiting the post office, return defective or unsuitable items, as well as send equipment, clothing and shoes for repair.

The project for online voting “Active Citizen” appeared in 2014. During this time, more than five million people have joined it. Participants determine which streets, courtyards and parks need to be improved, how city polyclinics, libraries, multifunctional centers should work, and also choose events for festivals and holidays. Since the beginning of the project, Muscovites have taken part in more than 4,9 thousand votes. Decisions supported by a majority of votes are implemented in the city. The project is being developed by the State Institution “New Management Technologies” and the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow.

You can find out what appeared in Moscow or changed thanks to the votes on the online map. More than 1.6 thousand objects have already been applied there. And in the “Pulse of the Capital” section, you can evaluate the changes that have occurred in Moscow. Also, from the end of 2020, “active citizens” have the opportunity to send the points accumulated in the project to charity.