A dog died in a garbage bag in the Canary Islands. The police are now pursuing a hot trail to the owner.

According to Tenerife News, a shocking case of animal cruelty has come to light in the Canary Islands. A dog was packed in a garbage bag and thrown away by its owner. The completely emaciated and frightened animal was discovered and freed by a man. Despite rescue attempts, the dog died a few days later in a veterinary clinic.

According to initial information, officers from the environmental and animal welfare group of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria police have found a lead to the dog’s owner. She is registered as the dog’s only owner. If it is proven that the 54-year-old woman is responsible for the abandonment and death of the animal, she could face a penalty.

Abandonment resulting in death is a serious offense under the Spanish Animal Welfare Act. If the court is convinced of the woman’s guilt, the owner could expect a fine of up to 50,000 euros.

A whimper coming from a dumpster in the Triana neighborhood caught the attention of a passerby. According to Tenerife News, the man initially paid no attention to the noise, but when the whimpering did not stop after a few hours, he went looking. The grisly discovery: a live dog, frightened and emaciated, in a sealed garbage bag.

He immediately called the police, who then alerted the animal rescue service. The dachshund crossbreed was visibly having difficulty moving on its own. Despite the rescue team’s efforts, the dog died in a veterinary clinic.

Dog owners who simply leave their four-legged friends behind are a big problem, and not just in holiday regions. According to a survey by the animal protection organization Peta, up to 80,000 animals are abandoned every year in Germany alone.

Anyone who sees a lonely animal can help by adopting the right behavior: First, finders should observe the situation for a few minutes to make sure that the owner has actually disappeared. The local animal shelter or the police should then be contacted. Under no circumstances should the animal simply be taken with you – neither in Germany nor on vacation.

If animal-loving finders want to adopt a street dog, they have to take a few things into consideration. In Germany, dogs need a pet passport. This is issued by the veterinarian and includes contact details for the owner and the doctor, a rabies vaccination and the transponder number. In addition, dog beginners in particular should think carefully about whether they can take care of the animal and control it.

Since street dogs are not used to living with people, they often tend to run away. Therefore, a chest strap should be used instead of a collar in the first few months. The animal must also be constantly supervised, especially when meeting other animals. Car rides can be particularly problematic because dogs have learned to stay away from cars. A trip should always be associated with something positive for your four-legged friend.

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