Found a way to survive coronavirus

Physical exercise can help a potential positive pneumonia COVID-19 easier to survive the disease. The study results Professor in the graduate medical school of the University of Virginia Ian Zhen (Zhen Yan) publishes the New York Post.

it is Established that regular exercise to strengthen the cardiovascular system and prevent the development of acute respiratory distress syndrome (life-threatening inflammation of the lungs — ed. “Of the”) is a complication that is observed in 20-40 percent of all infected and in half of the cases have died from the coronavirus.

According to Zhen Yana, the human body naturally produces an antioxidant known as extracellular superoxide dismutase (EcSOD). Its production stimulate physical activity. So the Professor recommends a daily basis to devote half an hour of cardio such as Cycling, rowing and aerobics.

Earlier in April, the experts of the Foundation for medical education and research Mayo (USA) explained the effects of Smoking on the likelihood of disease COVID-19. According to doctors, Smoking affects the risk of infection, and avoiding harmful habits greatly increases the chances of the body’s ability to resist the virus. According to studies, this factor harms the body’s natural defenses against some bacteria and viruses.