Forward to the heights

Victoria M., the winner of the Cup of Russia, completed a regular stage of the Russian Premier League. What is possible to bring intermediate results?

We have carefully prepared for the Cup. The club has collected a powerful band of Russian players. We have retained 10 players from the first team to “Leave”, six of which have helped win the trophy, and four in favor of “Dynamo farm” in the super League 1. We have the best players with a Russian passport. This is Epiphany Prince, who holds the “Dynamo” of the 8th season and that is very much loved by the fans. Is Tatyana vidmer, 6 seasons playing in the Kursk. Plus the players with tremendous igracki experience: Alena Kirillova, Natalia Zhedik Natalia Anikina. However, on the eve of the final match was a force majeure. We had to take high risks. We have a split opinion about the training process with head coach Roberto Niigaam. The Spaniard left the team. We made a very risky decision to change the coach before the final game. We entrusted the team to the coach of our “youth” and the reserve of the Russian national team “under 20 years” Mahirutei. And I was right. I want to say a huge thank you to the captain of the team and the players because at the crucial moment they concentrated all their energies and all their attention on this match. Their attitude was outrageous. For them, this duel was very important. As you may remember, last year in the Russian Cup final we lost one point in a very controversial situation. We all wanted to take revenge and to return the trophy. Before the finale I was very upset, I was overwhelmed with emotions. But after the final siren of our joy knew no bounds. It was shared by the fans who filled the hall, and the Governor of Kursk region with his team.

Participants in this overall triumph were thousands of our fans. Including Zheleznogorsk and Kurchatov. An impressive delegation of Mikhailovsky GOK and Rosenergoatom regularly come to our games. I should also mention the excellent organization of the final match and swonderful entertainment for the audience. Together with the travel company “holiday Max” we played four overseas tours among the most active participants of special competition for the fans that lasted two months. At the end of the season we are giving away four more such trips with our travel partner.

If to speak about the championship of Russia, in General, the team played this part successfully. We have only one defeat against UMMC. But then again all the chances to win the regular stage we have. Then begin the most interesting stage of the championship. I take this opportunity to invite all basketball fans. Your support are needed now. Well, we will make every effort to play in the final and win for the Kursk region the gold medal.

– And how would you rate the team’s performance in the group stage of the Euroleague?

– this season, players have injuries. It all started with the injury Ustundur. MVP of the European championship in 2019 and the main national team center Spain permanently out of action. For a long time remained on the sidelines due to injury captain Tatiana vidmer. Just playing without two of the leading center, the team suffered a series of serious defeats. We had to make adjustments in composition. In this difficult situation, we helped the Governor of Kursk region and sponsors. They very quickly found and promptly allocated funds for a new player. Of course, it took time in order to newbie fit into our game, and injured players to heal the damage. All this affected the quality of our basketball. Take the penultimate match in Turkey. The team wanted and had every opportunity to beat Fenerbahce. However, injuries to Nicky barich, our main playmaker, and the cold Diannebrenner greatly complicate the implementation of this goal. But in the Euroleague we still have two games, victory in which will enable us to continue the European season.13 February. Premier League. Regular stage. IBA (Moscow) – “Dynamo” (Kursk) – 79-81

can Not help but ask about the youth team – “Dynamo farm” and “the Dynamo-the Junior”. The results of the club sufficient?

– First let me remind those who don’t know or have forgotten that the regulation of RBF, we, as a representative of the Premier League, should have two youth team specific age categories. We have them. And this season is encouraging. In the “Dynamo farm” during the season there was a replacement coach. Momentsit, as you know, went to the main team, and the “farm” was headed by an experienced specialist, honored coach of Russia Alexander Vasin. Now the team is in third place in the super League 1, trailing by only one victory from Niki, coming second. This year’s championship in this division for the first time will be played in the Final four. “Dynamo farm” excellent chances of an exit in the ending.

In “the Dynamo-the Junior” also changed coach. The team was headed by Tatyana Skidan. The semi-finals of the Championship games, our team won several stages and is in first place in their group. By the way, the semifinals will be held from 4 to 9 March in Kursk in the sports complex “Dinamo”.

Continuing the theme of young players. Recently in Moscow hosted a coaching tip, which I am a member, where he addressed the coaches of the four reserve teams. By the way, one of them, “to 20 years” is headed by our coach Momentsit. So, 20 players of our club, I mean “farm” and “Junior”, are candidates for these commands.

let me Remind you that this summer three teams will play at the European championship and one world championship.

the U16 – championship 18-26 July (Matosinhos, Portugal)

U18 – European championship July 4-12, (the Heraklion international, Greece).

U20 – world championship August 08-16 (Sopron, Hungary)

U17 world Championships 15-23 August (Cluj-Nopoko, Romania).

the Chances of a trip is absolutely everyone in ourepitonic. I note that the club has trained dozens of masters of sports of Russia this is not the limit. We take our sport school of Olympic reserve. The disadvantage of working in it. Girls willing to play basketball, having before our eyes the great example. I’m talking about “Dynamo”. Our matches are attended by many children. Looking to hang out with the players, absorb the love of this wonderful game, and then go to engage in of sshor of. The effect is. The most recent example is Anastasia Alaire Braid, which in its 14 years already the champion of Europe-2019 and most valuable player of this tournament. Now the Scythe is playing in the super League 1 for “Dynamo farm”. But the approach also some interesting Kursk players. In addition, we are continuing the breeding work. Many gifted children tend to get it in our club. We develop players. Let’s see how many of our pupils currently plays in the Russian and European clubs.

we Supplied all the efforts and our ability to prepare players for the main team of the country. Unfortunately, for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the Russian team broke. But in 2024 it will be another Olympics, and now all thoughts about her. The plans of our club is to give the maximum number of players in this team for the next Olympic cycle. The national team is gradually rejuvenated. Our girls 1995-97 years born, who live and play in the Kursk is 6-8 years old, needs to gain experience and to Mature for the business. All opportunities for development and improvement they are. Plus they get a great experience training and playing side-by-side with the leading players of the world. Notice in the Kursk is real and alive, you can see the game of stars of world basketball, and even if you want to chat and be photographed with them.

– Without foreign players, it turns out, tonight?

– Yes, this is professional sports. Take any club. Football, volleyball, handball… to Achieve results in the international arena, and it is now about the competition, some homegrown players onry difficult. Would be different, well, then who would invite foreigners. But because foreign players were, are and probably will. But, as I said, the Russian youth to learn from the best players in the world. By the way, I often hear the opinion that in “Dynamo” there’s not curency. This is not so. They are growing up. In our club many Kurdish players. If the person was born in another city, but plays in Kursk already 6-8 years, this is a real karanka. Take, for example, Elizabeth Shabanov. In Kursk it since 8th grade. Now she is 22. That is 7 years old player who was born in Volgograd, actually lives in our city and has made no secret that he considers himself karanka. Same story with sisters Makinami, Safonovym and Anna Drilling.Kursk Governor goes almost all the matches

Victoria Weiss, You probably noticed that in the light not accustomed to the “Dynamo” of the results obtained in the Euroleague, the team began to “bite” well-wishers?

– to be Honest, I don’t spend time reading dirty papers and speeches to the club. I just don’t have it any minute. I 24 hours a day work for the benefit of Dynamo. I’m in the club for 25 years. Six of them were a player, 13 years as a coach. And a career coach began with a bypass of the city schools in search of children who want to play basketball. This season, the seventh in a row when I’m in the position of Executive Director. During this time Dynamo was the top European basketball. To produced in 2011-12 the Cup of Europe, the club added two bronze, silver and gold, Euroleague, won the European super Cup. In our club Museum, in addition, four FA cups and silver and bronze medals of the championship of Russia. Our youth team repeatedly became Champions of the super League 1 and Championship games.

And yet, an article came across my Desk. I had to watch. Many of the facts distorteds not true. The author uses false data at the level of rumors and conversations. I invite these writers to come to our games and see with your own eyes. Basketball brings joy and gives a lot of positive emotions. Especially on the day wins. Many of our fans are very happy that there is an opportunity to come to us with children on the highest level to spend family leisure time.

All this is now possible thanks to the strong support. I want to say a big thanks to the company “metalloinvest” and personally to its founder Alisher Usmanov and the General Director of a management company Andrey Vladimirovich Varichev. Alisher burkhanovich so many years, sparing no effort and money developing Russian sport. And it’s not just basketball. We are very fortunate that we have such a General sponsor, giving the opportunity to perform at the highest national and international level. We are grateful to the Governor of Kursk region the Novel Mr Starovoit for understanding. The head of the region the athlete, and therefore very sensitively understands all of our problems, letting them through. Roman Vladimirovich immediately drew attention to our club, goes to almost all the matches. We try to show the maximum result and be sure to win medals for Kursk region.

But winning medals is impossible without fans…

– of course. A big thank you to the fan sector and our fans who come to matches. Your phenomenal support very powerful charges of players helps to win a very difficult fight. You really sixth player of “Dynamo” on the site.

the next match will take place on February 26 and it will be very interesting. Dynamo in the Sports-concert complex within the framework of the Euroleague will play with Polish “Arch”. Beginning at 19-00. We invite all to come to the CCM and to support the team. All our work is aimed at popularization of basketball. Come, bring children, friends, relatives. You will receive incredible emotions.

Victoria Weiss, eSt whether You have a dream?

– of Course. The dream of every person. I am no exception. I really want to meet with Alisher Burkhanovich Usmanov and personally thank him for what he is doing for many years for our club, and only basketball. To say “thank you” and shake hands.

And I want to finally win the gold medals of the championship of Russia. This is the last top that Dynamo have not yet obeyed. Have a dream to give as many players of the Russian team who will be able to return to the main team of the country on the same, very high level. And, of course, want everyone to be healthy. Be it health, everything will be fine.