The crisis is humiliating for Fortunas Matthias Zimmermann (27)!

Due to Corona squats in Germany at the moment in their own four walls. But Zimmermann sees opportunities: “I wish that the people now appreciate the value of what is really important in life. And the family and friends!”

“Zimbo” self-wisdom takes longer to the heart: “My brother died ten years ago, as I started to rethink. Work and money are not everything, what counts in the life of…”

His family in Karlsruhe, the Baden can’t see currently, some of his friends and team-mates already. Even from the balcony!

Zimmermann: “Erik Thommy lives only two houses. Sometimes we wave to us from the balconies. With Andre Hoffmann, we facetimen third in the evening to. We talk about what we have done for the day, as the run was, and what we eat.”

unit in the fresh air! Zimmermann moved his Training to the balcony photo: instagram/zimbo_mz

A typical daily schedule of the legal counsel: 9: 00 to get up, 9.30 Jogging, 10.30 strength and stability Training, then Breakfast and finally to the dinner: casual.