On the 26. August 2018, won by Sebastian Vettel (32) in Spa for his last Grand Prix. This week, the circus is back in the Ardennes.

“I am convinced that we will stand this year at the very top”, says the Swiss by choice, “we will give up for sure. No, we are pushing ahead with the development of the car even. And I feel in the car now much more comfortable, because the rear has stabilized.”

Show the crisis meetings in Maranello finally effect? Vettel: “The Team is very motivated. And in some races has certainly lacked the necessary luck.” Bankruptcies, bad luck, failures and driving errors.

the Last Ferrari victory? Raikkonen in Austin!

The red Fans are allowed to hope that in 2019 (after the 2014 and 2016) will be the third season in this Millennium, in the Church bells in front of the factory not because of a Ferrari-triumph ring.

a year Ago, Vettel left in Belgium, the two best drivers, Hamilton (11 seconds) and send back fall (31 seconds), not a Chance. Later, Kimi won the race in Austin for Ferrari. Since then, 15 race have passed. An eternity for the Team with the most emotions and Victories (234).