all the same 18 degrees and a cloudless sky accompanied the formula 1 circus to the last Training of Austin. What hardly any of the many bottom of the wave are changed on the 5.5 km long course.

Hamilton: “I had a headache!”

Some of them were milled off in the night on Saturday. Hamilton: “This is a bumpy track hits you each time you travel several times in the spine. On Friday I had so severe a headache that I had to lie down!”

No headache, the Briton gets the title of invoice: If Bottas on Sunday should win 20.10 GMT (TV-live), it must Hamilton a minimum of 8. come to the finish. The Finn, the winner is all over. Interesting that Lewis had won eight of his ten victories this year from the Pole Position!

Pérez-penalty: pit lane

The Mexican Sergio Pérez played on Friday in the second practice, the blind cow, sped in the pit lane – despite the command of the FIA scale is over! The punishment came immediately: Start on Sunday from the pit road!

And what it is made for Racing, Point-Mercedes? The Stroll Team, and replaced almost all parts on the car. Of course, without penalty, because you can’t start behind the pit road..

Leclerc 15 minutes after K. o.

shock for Ferrari. After 15 minutes the Motor was at the Monegasques all of a sudden, a hydraulic damage. Leclerc turned the cars next to the runway and back, walked over to the boxes. Last place for the fastest man in 2019…

Kimi improved – Eighth

In the case of Alfa-Clean the Minimum target is known. Raikkonen (8th) and Giovinazzi (16.) should create the first qualification hurdle. For the Top Ten final, it will be despite the “Explosion” of Kimi Raikkonen (40) nevertheless hardly any.

The Hinwil Fans can only hope that the Low after the summer break (only three points from Giovinazzi!) to finally end.

The facts to Hamilton’s title 2019Es would be Hamilton’s sixth title. So he is the all-time best list at number 2 behind Michael Schumacher (7) and Juan-Manuel Fangio (5).It would be his third title in a row. The have only managed Juan-Manuel Fangio, Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel.It would be his fourth early title by 2015, 2017 and 2018. In the years 2008 and 2014, he won only in the final.Hamilton became 2014 and 2015 with a victory, the world champion, 2008, P5, 2017 with P9, and in 2018 P4.It would be the 41.Time since 1950 that the world Cup will be in advance decided. 29 Times the Fans had to wait until the final, last, 2016.19. Times a driver would get out of the United Kingdom the title.If he is by default the champion of the world, it would be the 8. Time in the history. The last one was Schumacher in 1994 in Adelaide, when he shot down in the broken Benetton, Damon Hill (see picture above).