As the Ferrari at the beginning of the Millennium, with five Schumi titles in the series, unbeatable seemed, belonged to his face inextricably to the Successes of the Red: Luca di Montezemolo, and the Scuderia Boss from 1991 to 2014.

Although the marriage made between Ferrari and Montezemolo took place after a dispute with Fiat-renovators Sergio Marchionne (†2018) an ugly end, feverish with the charismatic Italian, even today in front of the TV with his old love. “A Passion for Ferrari lasts a lifetime,” says the 71-Year-old to the Italian radio station “GR Parlamento”.

his Ex-Team in 2018 is not enough Why it is again to the title, is for Montezemolo clear: “Lewis Hamilton has made all the difference, for me this was the best season of the Englishman. Also, he has a Moment of weakness, and can slide in a crisis, but this year he was so strong – even in a Ferrari he would have become world champion.”

“Vettel has the world Cup-a crucial error

” he is, about the qualities of Hamilton’s rival and Ferrari Star Sebastian Vettel out of the question? Montezemolo: “I don’t say this to belittle Vettel’s achievements. He has made the world Cup a crucial error. But he was also under enormous pressure to offer Hamilton the forehead. Vettel is a world class driver who is Ferrari very close. In disappointing moments you have with him, especially now with Charles Leclerc is a very strong young riders coming into the Team.”

Vettel and Ferrari would not have to take the towel. Montezemolo remembers: “Michael Schumacher has made mistakes. Errors need to be addressed, but to the outside world you have to defend the Team. Today, I see a different Ferrari in 2014, when I left the Team. Ferrari has built a good car, in some situations, it was better than the Mercedes. But it was missing the last bit. There were moments when I really thought that it will finally fold with winning the title.”

you don’t Get as Lust, once again at Ferrari, Mr Montezemolo? “On a scale of 1 to 100 I would say sub – zero.” (red)