it is Clear that the 20 pilots went to the Limit and in a critical Situation, rather the emergency exit selected. Of which there are here on the 6003-Meter-long Road circuit, some. With beautiful ribbon advertising…

Leclerc 0,198 before Vettel

The question is on Saturday only: Who brings 15 GMT (TV-live) the Pole Position? Hamilton (Australia), Leclerc (Bahrain) and Bottas (China) were the three Quali-winner in 2019. A new Name comes to now? Vettel was in the warm-up training 0,198 behind Leclerc in Second.

And Max Verstappen looks on the Red Bull Honda his Chance on Sunday in the race, even if he ended up in Position three of a second behind the Ferrari Duo! For the Pole, about 30 Japanese HP missing to the cops. The Mercedes Duo of unexplained 1.5 seconds were missing on the Red one.

penalties for Giovinazzi and Gasly

Until now, the two pilots at the 4. World championship race here in Azerbaijan start from the back. Pierry Gasly has to start in the Red Bull Honda, even from the pit lane. The hard FIA penalty, he is Friday at the red light next to the FIA scale. Dumber it gets.

In the case of Antonio Giovinazzi, it is the ten places, because one of the electronics had to boxes be replaced. The Italians needs in the Alfa-Clean a eighth place in the Top Ten in the final, with Gasly, the last row to populate.

Kimi needs to Toro Rosso fear

the hopes of The Hinwil to rest once more on Kimi Raikkonen (39). He made it into the third qualifying round.? It is difficult, as both Toro want Rosso-get a Honda after the third exercise: 6. Kvyat, 8. Albon.