For Max Verstappen, being a Formula 1 driver at the age of 40 is unimaginable. The world champion now says this in an interview. There he is also annoyed by the behavior of the fans in the stands.

Verstappen wants to stop by the age of 40 at the latest: In an interview with “Sport1”, Max Verstappen admits that he is not initially thinking of ending his career. Nevertheless, the Red Bull driver knows exactly when he “will no longer race: “When I’m as old as Fernando” (Alonso, 40). Until then, however, he wants to “win as many titles as possible”.

Short, compact, clear

World champion criticizes fans for whistles: In the interview, Verstappen also comments on the behavior of Formula 1 fans in the stands. “Basically, I think it’s a shame that the fans actually react like football fans. They always boo the opponent. In Holland they whistle against Lewis, in England against me. I think that’s a shame, because we often have extremely tough, sporty, high-quality fights. You also have to respect the opponent.”