a Nasty Surprise for F1 Star Romain Grosjean (33): After his return from the GP in Canada, it is nothing with an first quiet night at home with the wife and kids. Two burglars get in in Geneva, in the house of Swiss-French dual citizen!

But the masked men have made the statement without the racer. “Romain has faced immediately in order to protect his family,” writes Grosjeans wife Marion on “Instagram”.

To do this, you post a picture of the broken patio door. “Through these double doors, burglars were invading our home,” she says. “Fortunately, nobody was hurt and we were able to hide the children, what a horror it was for us.”

Normally, you will not be in favour of athletes as heroes to portray. But: “Today I am proud to say: My husband is an athlete and a Hero.”

“luckily we are all alive and well”

the Haas-the Pilot announces. “It was a very unpleasant experience, but luckily we are all alive and well,” he emphasized quietly.

the Geneva crooks are volatile. Not too sure, you should not feel. Surveillance cameras show the robber entering the house, the police has secured the traces and footprints taken. “We felt like in a TV crime drama,” said Grosjeans wife.

it is Well possible that the Grosjeans get to because of the break-in soon for a new pet. “Actually, we had played with the idea for the children of a cat. Now we think more in terms of a shepherd.” (EC)