this world on 20. May leave. On Wednesday, the Austrians in Vienna, it was carried to the grave. Thousands of friends and Fans mourned. And as of 1966 deceased Polish poet Stanislaw Jerzy Lec: said, “too Bad that you have to with a hearse to Paradise!”

moving moments in the mostly rainy Vienna. On the Requiem-card Niki was depicted as a lonely Wanderer. More aptly, you could not have been the eternal fighters without borders say good-bye.

His Tyrolean friend Gerhard Berger: “Niki, your diligence, and selfishness have shaped you. That’s why you became three times world champion – and I never will!” Or: catch’ never to stop, listen never aufanzufangen!”

in the Mercedes, starting in 2010 with Schumi and Rosberg in a new Era of led, but only one was victorious: “I have curly arrows to Hamilton with Niki’s help to the Silver. However, her task was more difficult. He had to bring the Mercedes Board of management of the insane salary of Lewis by. I would have barely made!” The continuation is known: Brawn had to go. The Viennese Toto Wolff and Lauda took over the Store, picked up since 2014, all world title. And are also at risk in 2019, barely. Clear that one dedicates the next song to the Builder.

The giant, who was 43 years after the fire Drama in 1976 at the Nürburgring, in the prolongation of life, was honored with a T-Shirt from Lewis Hamilton : Thanks for the memories.