Since even Sebastian Vettel (31), the climbs on Wednesday to the car of Mick marveled at the boxes. This result was expected really, no one, even if it is Ferrari and she was sure a car with the most soft rubber and with an almost empty Tank.

Such times, about two seconds of the Pole time of Leclerc on Saturday, you have to go first. It will be interesting to see how the son of seven-time world behaves champion on Wednesday in the Alfa-Clean.

the man with The Golden hands

Mick’s Manager Nicolas Todt (41) found by Charles Leclerc, apparently, a second vein of gold. “Not bad, the two – or?”, laughed the Geneva-resident French in the evening.

at 9.11, Mick has put his first lap on the 5.4 km long Grand Prix course. In the end there were 57 laps, just a GP distance of about 308 kilometers.

“It’s just incredible. You can’t describe what a feeling it is, on the Straight Gas. You must have seen it. A madness, the Grip in the curves. Vettel gave me very helpful tips. I wanted to learn, and joy. The result you see in my laughing face. You have to have before each car respect, especially when you have so many HP (1000, ed.). Now I am also looking forward to the Alfa. As I prepared I am, and now a day’s more experience and Knowledge bring, it will certainly be very exciting. In the case of Ferrari, the emotions were obviously very high. But I immediately felt at home, very comfortable. And I’m satisfied with second place, Max has more experience than I…”

Roger Benoit, Bahrain

Stroller-Crash just before the end

Up to 13 local time, the first day of testing had to be stopped in Bahrain twice: the rain! Then it started to pour! Only at 16.35, it was time for the last 85 minutes. It was getting darker and darker and the canadian billionaire’s son Lance Stroll (20) is decomposed in the process, shortly before the end of his Racing Point Mercedes!

The wet, and historical 2. April

Yes, there is him, the evil rain in the desert. Even if the Locals say that it is a maximum of five times a year the wet… of The 2. April was such a day here on the 5.4 km-long course, 15 kilometres outside of the capital, Manama. One day a newcomer to the Sensation caused

Mama Corinna is sure to be proud of

In the case of the red baptism of fire at only 23 degrees, his mother Corinna (50). As mentioned on the last weekend in the first two formula 2 race by Mick (eighth and sixth rank). Also, Corinna is not looking, of course, how to do it Michael: “I hope the weather in Switzerland is better than here!”

7 seconds out of the car

And after only two formula 2 inserts sass Mick so, in the Ferrari. Many were skeptical. However, the rather shy Boy was apparently prepared for the delicate task well.

Ten minutes before the Start of a maybe new Chapter of formula 1 history, the FIA officials Jo Bauer came over in the Ferrari Garage. The last Test had to be passed, But Mick hopped easily out of the Ferrari with the Halo. The driver has to do it in seven seconds.

comparisons are difficult to

introduction round at 9.11. Then there was the big Check on the car. After half an hour it went on for eleven rounds. The times were better, even if comparisons are hard to make. No one knows of the competition, how much is Fuel in the Tank.

Comeback Star Fernando Alonso (McLaren-Renault) and Kvyat (Toro Rosso-Honda), only for Pirelli on the road, may not change anything on the car!

Mick shines on a wet runway

Schumi was already up to the break flawlessly, was comparatively time very well and showed especially on a wet runway, that he has inherited the Gene from the father. Mick added, but now already as “rain God”, is rather questionable.

On Wednesday, it should stay dry, if Mick Schumacher takes over at the Hinwil Team, the car of Antonio Giovinazzi. The Italians, up to now, only slowly up to speed.

Test in Bahrain

(1. Day, 23 degrees, and often wet)

1. Verstappen (Red Bull Honda) 1:29,379

2. Schumacher (Ferrari) 1:29,976

3. Norris (McLaren-Renault) 1:30,800

4. Grosjean (Haas-Ferrari) 1:30,982

5. Albon (Toro Rosso-Honda) 1:31,089

6. Hamilton (Mercedes) 1:31,156

7. Ricciardo (Renault) 1:31,584

8. Stroller (Racing Point-Mercedes) 1:31,964

9. Sainz (McLaren-Renault) 1:32,059

10. Giovinazzi (Clean-Alfa) 1:32,067

11. Alonso* (McLaren-Renault) 1:32,207

12. Fittipaldi (Haas-Ferrari) 1:32,708

13. Kubica (Williams-Mercedes)


14. Kvyat* (Toro Rosso-Honda) 1:33,653

15. Russell (Williams-Mercedes) 1:33,682

Leclerc (Ferrari) 1:27,866

Alonso and Kvyat will drive for Pirelli’s own tire tests