The new McLaren MCL34 and a lot of new staff to lead the British Team finally back in the spotlight. With the youngest driver pairing in the field: Carlos Sainz (24, Sp) and Lando Norris (19 Gb).

“We want to consolidate first in midfield and then to the top,” says U.S. team boss Zak Brown. It is the same words almost a year ago.

this Time, Brown hopes to have the new technical Director James Key (Toro Rosso brought) and the German Andreas Seidl (Managing Director, came from Porsche).

Prohibited tobacco advertising is back

Like Ferrari with Marlboro (advertising slogan “Win Now”) now brings even McLaren with BAT (British American Tobacco, the advertising slogan, “A Better Tomorrow”), the long-banned tobacco advertising on the car by the back door.

The authorities and the EU are alarmed. Although there is no hiding behind the smoke of combat, and the E-cigarette.

The 27. November 2012 for McLaren was a historic date. At the time, Jenson Button won in São Paulo, in a McLaren-Mercedes, the last and 182. The race for the British.

There is an Alonso-“Comeback”?

Since then, 119 victory have passed lots of Big prizes, with only two podium finishes in 2013. What a descent of the once-proud tradition of teams with eight world titles in the constructors (the last one in 1998), and even twelve crowns at the drivers (last updated in 2008, Hamilton)!

Now Sainz and newcomer Norris is to make the firecracker with Renault Power. Who believes it? Maybe it would even make sense, if Alonso (37) when driving at the test in one day is a “Comeback”.

Still, McLaren has not confirmed this show appearance of two-time Champions of 2005/2006.

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