The tracks left by the formula 2-Swiss Ralph Boschung in the Morning, in the Budapest qualification is still apparent. The track shines in curve 4 still in the White binder that was used in order to eliminate the approximately 100-Meter-long Oil trail of the Valaisan.

to Ensure no water is in the fight for good starting places on the route. The predicted rain passes at the track.

15’000 Dutch cheer

seven GP wins to Max verse has to grope in the bag. Now, at 93. Start-up, it’ll work for the first Time with the Pole and the than 100. Pole Setter in formula 1. An orange wall of cheers in the stands of the Budapest-track fall: Around 15’000 verse-land people cheer for their heroes this weekend.

The young Dutchman is on 30. September only 22 years old. Only Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc and Fernando Alonso were younger, when they conquered for the first Time in their career, on the Pole. The seven-times GP winner: “is Now achieved this goal. But the points will only be distributed on Sunday. And since I get back for sure pressure from Mercedes. It’ll be fun.”

“Tremble grope Hamilton before the verse?”, headline VIEWS in the week. After the first Pole from Verstappen, a Tremble is not likely to decrease at least. The residue of the Dutch on the British in the world Cup standings is still 63 points (Hamilton 225, Verstappen 162).

Leclerc back in front of Vettel

For the fifth Time in a row, has to be Sebastian Vettel’s team-mate Charles Leclerc in the Quali beaten – since Vettel on Pole in Canada. And, though Leclerc mistake in Q1, a driving under. The sovereign of Monaco from slipping to a screwdriver, with the rear wings, to the pads at the track edge, parts from the rear part of the car from chips. Leclerc but can travel in the Box and with a repaired car at the further elimination, which brings him ultimately to fourth place, one rank ahead of Vettel.

The next Vettel, not series mere: Since its Pole in Montreal, he now starts for the fourth Time in a row from the first two start. However, Vettel can take comfort in the determined with a other news: The four-time world champion (2010-2013) will be father for the third Time! At the latest, in November, the family will be fifth in Ellighausen, TG to.

Raikkonen in the Top 10 – penalty for Giovinazzi

In the case of Alfa-Clean the clutch Flop in Hockenheim (with the loss of ten points) to make amends with the Fans. Just the Team makes the leap into the Top 10. Kimi Raikkonen slips than 10. in Q2, wafer-thin in. Now he starts in Hockenheim again in addition to Haas-Ferrari driver Romain Grosjean. Then, a week ago, in the third row, now it is the fifth (9. Grosjean, 10. Raikkonen).

Otherwise, the sense of location of the second Alfa-Clean. Antonio Giovinazzi creates the jump into Q2, but not Q3. And then the Italians will be taken to the attention of the FIA, because he should have blocked Lance Stroll (Racing Point) on the track.

in order To 16.28 at Giovinazzi, together with Alfa-Sauber team Manager Beat Zehnder on the FIA stewards to defend yourself. It is no use. To 17.40 is clear: Giovinazzi gets buzzing and a penalty of three places applied.

“Mr. Bean” visited Mercedes

The team of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas Driving the last two Poles conquered (Hamilton in Hockenheim and Bottas in Silverstone), observed a prominent visit to the Quali -: Rowan Atkinson! The now 64-Year-old gained worldwide fame through his role as “Mr. Bean”.

championship Leader Hamilton is so fall of verse in the Pole fight, defeated. But also Bottas pushes 1.8 hundredths ahead of the British. Hamilton commented: “There were two faster than I am. But I am looking forward to Sunday and the Fight for the victory!” If the Brit wins, it would be Hungary-the Triumph of number 7.

Bottas shortened in the qualification duel with Hamilton on 5:7. A positive result for the man who continues to fight for his Mercedes Cockpit for the next season and says: “Only victory counts.”

Renault debacle – bitter Williams-result

a week Ago at the GP of Germany in Hockenheim, both Renault retired from the race. Now, the next setback for the French team: Daniel Ricciardo must swipe in Q1 the sail. For the first time since Silverstone in 2017, the Australian (18 survives.) the first qualification hurdle is not. Nico Hulkenberg clearly missed the Q3 by around half a second behind Raikkonen, will start on Sunday as the Eleventh.

After all, Hulkenberg manages at the last possible Moment to Q2. Thus he prevented the first ground shot of a Williams driver into Q2 this season. Neither George Russell, nor Robert Kubica have managed the 2019. Now Russell was very close.

Wolff: “Bottas or Ocon”

in The early evening, Mercedes chief Toto Wolff revealed that the driver’s choice for the second seat 2020 is guided only between “Bottas and Ocon”.

the qualification results and the Budapest starting line-up here!