No current formula 1 Pilot, has experienced more suffering than Charles Leclerc (21). Many of the chosen crosses on the way have shaped him and strengthened – and how Max Verstappen!

The sovereign of Monaco is now at Ferrari his own way. 2018 in the case of Sauber-Ferrari he got to the GP-circus in the rush, know, won the world championship, the thirteenth, proud 39 points.

Then the very rapid transport from Hinwil came to Maranello. A move many criticized. But Leclerc punished all the doubters in the second red use in Bahrain, as it is only an electric short circuit at the end to secure the first victory prevented! And in Spielberg’s the second big Chance, as Leclerc came back a few laps from the end led. To him the bull Max Verstappen (21) showed in the second curve with a very brutal interior by shock – the masters-and won.

“that Sunday changed my life”

Three hours had to wait for the Duo, until the FIA decided to: race incident. Leclerc: “This Sunday has changed my life in formula 1. The FIA judgement was my guide. And Max has taught me that you can give away on the route no Meter. No matter how the opponent is. No matter how far one goes to the limits of what is Allowed!”

In Monza it was in for a surprise championship Leader Hamilton from the “new” Leclerc: “His defense has already proven a certain level of maturity. However, in the case of one of his actions I had to play along, otherwise it would have crashed into. I will speak with him!”

does nothing. Leclerc has already been shown in the qualification, that he dwarves as quickly as possible in the exclusive League of the Poison and stinking boots to enter. As before, the Stars like Piquet, Senna, Prost, Schumi or Alonso.

ambition and exceptional Talent

This total ambition of an extraordinary Talent accompanied, surprised at Monza, the Ferrari Boss Mattia Binotto (50): “We have discussed the case internally,” he said to clear the wind shadow arrangement in the Team. Leclerc ignored them – and Vettel was first humiliated in “his” Team! And according to the Leclerc Wins in Spa and Monza (both from the Pole Position) has Vettel certainly more hard bread.

Leclerc is hidden to the outside, usually behind the sunglasses, for the Fans, more the nice young man play. In the Cockpit, he lives in another world.

Free of gloomy thoughts, which expels him for years to be a mental coach. 2014 lost Charles his friend from youth,
Jules Bianchi, in 2017, his father Hervé died, 2018, the grandma came in the sky and ten days ago Leclerc in Spa had to witness on TV the deadly Crash of his friend’s Anthoine Hubert in the formula 2.